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    Sylvei's Alchemy application


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    Sylvei's Alchemy application

    Post by Katojishifu on Tue Aug 23, 2016 3:55 pm

    OOC information

    Steam name : Katojishifu Tokijikushikato

    Steam ID : 76561198018241607

    What are you applying for? : Alchemy knowledge

    Playtime : Since launch, offical. I guess.

    Knowledge of profession : I know how to smash stuff, and mix them in dirty water and ask someone to drink it!

    IC information

    How would your character learn this knowledge from? :
    Short answer : Ancient knowledge learnt from becoming a druid.

    Long answer :
    My character is a wood elf, was sent on a mission to find a sancturary or become one with nature trance, she found her sanctuary, which there was a house which was made into a ruin through rp, and a portal spawned there, teleporting to a cave, wood elves voices could been heard, and Sylvei was told to get in the water, and so she did, learning ancient nature knowledge, and everything about it.

    Provide an RP example of crafting a potion or poison :
    *As a day of haggling and buying stuff such as empty bottles that can be filled, and generally socalizing, Sylvei comes home with two flaskes in her hand, and decides to test out her knowledge of alchemy.**

    *She places her knees in the grass, having a rock looking flat, almost like a table, she'd carefully place the glass bottles ontop of them, and begin finding various flowers, carefully plucking them, along with a few mushrooms which have sneaked their way into her sancturary, She grabs her tool rock, for knapping rocks and other purposes. Beginning to slowly and carefully smash the mushrooms into a almost paste-like stuff, she takes the flowers, rubbing the pollen off them, slowly ripping out the middle in a cautious and patient manner, dropping it ontop of the mushroom paste.**

    *She grabs some water from a local pond, filtering it with an odd technique, she pours it into one of glass bottles, along with the mushroom and flower into it, closing the lid, and beginning to swish and shake it, it mixing well, and she've created a potion.**

    How would your character work? : In her sancturary, on a rock based table.

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    Re: Sylvei's Alchemy application

    Post by Madcombat on Fri Aug 26, 2016 3:00 pm

    Accepted -

    Make sure you log all crafting.

    To do this, make an thread in the alchemy section and be sure to copy all the roleplay relating to crafting a potion.

    Please note: The crafting process should be more descriptive then what you've provided.

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