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    Lorhaic Magmastone Smithing application.


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    Lorhaic Magmastone Smithing application.

    Post by Trippy on Tue Aug 16, 2016 11:46 pm


    Steam name: Trippy

    Character name?: Lorhaic Magmastone

    What you're applying for?: Black Smithing

    What do you know about this profession?: Well I'm not gonna sit here and tell you about how I know all about black smithing in real life. I have basic knowledge of it, how to forge lighter metals, and softer metals. I've never made a full blown sword before. The most I've ever made is a set of aluminum knuckle dusters. That was with a homemade forge, and everything else, I've made the occasional knife, etc, etc.


    How would this character have learned this profession?: Living underground as a child, most if not all of the other dwarves were miners. Some the occasional trader, guard, or random salesman, but a large amount were miners. So, it is just curiosity that someone wants to know what happens with those ores and minerals those other dwarves dig up. Well that curious one would be Lorhaic, he decided to take on the challenge, and leave his underground home, and travel with the traders, and see what he could learn. He ended up in a small village, working as an apprentice to a black smith and spent many years there. Years and years later, the dwarf took off with his knowledge after the old black smith he once called his master retired, now he is off to see where the world takes him with his new found knowledge.

    RP example of making a simple tool or item with said profession?:  **The Dwarf leans over the hot forge, pouring in a large amount of coal from the sack at his side, before stepping over to the side, and slowly pumping a handle which causes a blower to suck in air, and blow it out at a high speed.**

    **The man watches the coals as they begin to suddenly heat up, eating what is left of the previous fuel. The forge lights up like a tree doused in gas. And before anyone could even say it, it was ready to be used.**

    **Grabbing a large rough looking bit of material off the stand next to himself. The man puts it into a forge bucket, and slams it into the coals, nestling it down between them. He then walks back over to the pump, and begins to pull it once again. Doing this for a long period until the bucket itself is as red as the sun.**

    **After some time, the man grabs his poker, and pulls the bucket out of the coals, and slaps it down onto the side, quickly grabbing the mold, and tipping it into it, letting the hot metal seep in and take form.**

    **After letting the metal settle in the mold, he takes it over to the table, and smashes the mold off carefully, and takes the sword out, before bringing it back over to the forge. Once there, he sets the sword in, and merely watches it, waiting for it to heat up to the correct temperature.**

    **Once hot, and ready, he pulls it out, by the tang, and rushes it over to the anvil, and quickly begins to beat out any nicked edges, or spurs, before looking his work over carefully. Once he is sure it was done, he takes it over to the water, and quenches it for the first time. Then reheating it, he then once again quenches it in oil.**

    **Now that the blade was done, the man gets the tang heated, and forces a wooden handle onto it, letting it burn into place, before hammering a pommel on, and wrapping it.**


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    Re: Lorhaic Magmastone Smithing application.

    Post by Stevec on Thu Aug 18, 2016 9:16 pm


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