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    Da' Witch Docta's alchemy app!



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    Da' Witch Docta's alchemy app!

    Post by kenguy on Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:24 pm

    OOC INFORMATION!: Please ignore my shitty formating, I'm bad at this.

    Steam name: Kenny/gardoo (It changes often, sorry.)

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:28985123

    Time played: Since the launch of the server, I took a week break due to family issues.


    How did you manage to get the knowledge would be a common question, its easy.: Due to being of a shamanistic race, such as the trolls, and being 'Witch Doctor' of a certain tribe, you would need a way to make your 'VOODOO' do more than just spiritual things. It would make perfect senses for the 'Witch Doctor', or 'Medicine Man' to understand how to use herbs and other objects to create a potion like substance that can improve combat capabilities or heal things faster, poisons, acids, and all of that jazz.

    Roleplay example?: Ul'jin, the young troll began his expedition with one goal in mind; collecting materials to perfect his art. The swamp surrounding his village was quite an easy choice, he set off without delay. It wasn't  much of a hard trip, a mile or two is all he needed to travel. He began his collection at once, searching high and low through foliage and through puddles. He would pick flowers that have been known to have healing properties, perhaps a thistle or two and more than likely some berries that caused harmful affects if ingested. Now, you would think just flowers and plants would go into his vials? Think again. He gathered up small insects, frogs with distinct coloration, and frogs without coloring at all. He took sap from trees, honey from bees, and even took the bees themselves. This went on until his satchel was full, and his cages were ribbiting back at him. He made it back to his town, and head straight towards his work space. The cauldrons, vials, and all of the alchemical remedies there already were move aside, and he got to work. He mashed up flowers, juiced frogs (get your mind out of the gutter) and dried moss. Simple jobs, simple work. He neatly organized all of his ingredients on the shelves nearby and used it all to produce objects of his works. --

    Just a short example, can put it more into a 'garrysmod' scenario and use /its and shit, though I'd prefer not to.

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    Re: Da' Witch Docta's alchemy app!

    Post by Trippy on Fri Aug 26, 2016 1:06 am


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