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    Gunrunner's Trapper application


    The Gunrunner

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    Gunrunner's Trapper application

    Post by The Gunrunner on Thu Aug 25, 2016 1:27 am

    -----------------------------------------OOC INFORMATION-----------------------------------------

    Steam name: TheGunrunner
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:37600506

    Character name?: Loche Barbaross

    What you're applying for?: The 'Trapper' profession under 'gathering.'

    -----------------------------------------IC INFORMATION-----------------------------------------

    How would this character have learned this profession?:
    Loche spent his early twenties working with a free company whom specialized in guerilla-style fighting. The style had use for trappers both in helping with ambushes and for catching their food while they were far from civilization. Loche learned about the profession from more experienced trappers, typically hunters, as well as from the trial-and-error of experience.

    How does this profession work?:
    Loche would know how to create, set, disarm, and recognize traps within his skill level. These traps could be made out of anything with the right characteristics, ranging from wood to metal. The latter would require a blacksmith to make the appropriate parts so that Loche could then make the trap. All of this will, of course, take time.

    RP example of trap making:
    ** Loche drops the heavy leather bag on his table with a dull *thud,* pulling out various springs, bars, customized plates, and other specialized shapes priorly purchased or scavenged.

    ** Loche first sets the 'border,' or 'foundation': A thick metal bar in a wide circle. Two spike-filled 'jaws' are laid in the center with their side-bars fed through a hole at the end of a bent metal band. The jaws are locked in place with a nub. Naturally, the hoop at the end of the band pushes against the foundation and travels up the side-bar of the jaws to clamp the two halves shut.

    ** Loche nods in satisfaction. He adds the pressure plate and the hooks that hold it in position, and hooks the final pieces of the trap into the foundation: Two unstable locks.

    ** Loche squeezes both metal bands with a lever, using removable nubs to hold them in place. The hooked locks are fed into opposite notches on the pressure plate, and the nubs for the bands are removed. The end result: The bars would be held down by the notched locks. If someone stepped on the plate, the locks would be released and the metal bands would spring the jaws together.

    ** The trapper can't help but grin. Hopefully the customer will be pleased.

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    Re: Gunrunner's Trapper application

    Post by Trippy on Fri Aug 26, 2016 1:10 am


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