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    What is 2292 Military roleplay & what needs to be done?


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    What is 2292 Military roleplay & what needs to be done?

    Post by Madcombat on Sun Sep 25, 2016 5:01 pm

    Well, what is it?

    2292 is a Military roleplay setting taking place into the far future of over 200 years.   It is a post-apocalyptic future with many hazards existing on earth, radiation being the least of the worries.  Hazards such as a mutating crystal that spreads and devours the land, mutants and psi-kick influences all exists.

    Luckily, being over 200 years into the future, civilization clearly has not died out completely and thus' the world has been categorized into red, blue and yellow zones with Red being the most dangrous and Blue being the safest.   Luckily, our roleplay takes place in a red zone, a location where conditions are so extreme the possibilities of survival are limited.

    So you ask yourself, "Blah blash, another military roleplay, whats different?"
    Well put it this way asides from the fact I'm running this show, we've very different aims.  See the creation of a Sci-Fi Military roleplay like this is very roleplay focused, we want a serious community, a serious roleplay scenario.  Not a scenario consisting of children acting out a role horribly or a roleplay where every high ranking official is as edgy as a chainsaw.  We're after somthing special and to increase that, we're introducing something that is unusual to most Military roleplay communities and that's the ability to not be forced into the two main factions and instead go at it alone as a scavenger.

    Why did you stop Medieval Fantasy roleplay?
    Well, its quite simple.  1st of all, we didnt set up the correct infrastructure.  See Medieval fantasy roleplay was never meant to last, it was a testing ground for me to figure certain untrialed aspects out in the roleplay community and prove such aspects do infact work.  It was a chance for me to revive the genre and prove to people "Hey, you can get somthing great out of this."  everything I set out to achieve was completed.  We've got communities on gmod now trying out Medieval roleplay, using the same system that was screamed "Failure." and for it we see there is success.  My only hope is these communities don't poop on the system and make it full 10/10 roll based. Otherwise I'll have to create a re-work.

    So, how technological is the settings?
    Well to put it blunt, you're going to have the ability to join certain crews in each faction.   In the "Good" faction being the Initiative you'll have the ability to join the zone troopers, a elite division fully suited up head to toe in a bulky exo-suit plated with Armour, equipped with a jet pack and a railgun.  Another group within' the Initiative would include the Battle-Mech division where you'll be authorized to take a Armoured Combat Mech into the field.  And then we got air transportation, plenty of fun.  For the "Evil" side being the Order, there will also be plenty of opputunities such as becoming a cyborg, air transportation and much much more.

    Okay, so all factions within' a Military roleplay scenario are technically the same, human on human.  Whats so special?
    Alot, one is a fanatical religious state, the other is your regular "Good guy."  if you're seeking the more diverse side of the roleplay, you'll fit right in with the Order otherwise you're best joining the Initiative.  Asides from roleplay standpoint, they're both different technologically for example, where all factions used balistic weaponry, the initiative specializes in railgun where as the Order focus on Laser technology.

    Okay, so thats all the questions asked, what about the progress?
    Well straight up, theres two sides to the progress that needs to be done.  To avoid as much confusion as possible having learned from Sevilidan as players do not ever really create the lore on their own initiative.  I've learned you must control every aspect.  There for the there is much forum work to commit to.

    Forum work - 10%
    I need to write up on:

    -Scavangers (Stalkers)
    -The experiments
    -The Red zone
    -The blue zone
    -The yellow zone
    -Equipment & Technology


    Asides from forum work, there is simple yet time consuming script work that must be completed.  So simple an monkey could do it yet so time consuming you'd rather jerk off.

    Script work
    I need to script:

    -A new Schema

    Lucky for me, Stevec might offer some help with the sweps part as I need specific tracers. 

    I estimate all this work will take at minimum 2 weeks, 1 week if I push hard at it quickly which I won't.
    I wont lie, the script isnt going to be amazing nor' did I ever intend for it to be amazing, it'll be very simple just like our previous role play.
    I am also looking for pre-launch faction commanders, people who're interested in getting their hands wet.  If you're interested please do reveal yourself through a PM so that I can contact you.

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