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    General History of Earth leading to the year 2292 -A WIP-


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    General History of Earth leading to the year 2292 -A WIP-

    Post by Madcombat on Fri Sep 23, 2016 5:27 pm

    History of Earth
    1934 - 2292
    1934 - Secret Research
    During the 1930's, the Nazi's made efforts into numerous fields of research.  Many of which carried into human experimentation.  It is with the human experimentation the Nazi's experimented into the capabilities with the human brain.  The objective of this research was the control of thought on Earth.  This research remains secret until 1940.

    1940 - Information Leak
    The human experimentation is leak'd to the world, the US and USSR make multiple points of sabotage within' the research stealing many scientists and recruiting them into their own research projects.  The rest however go underground and conduct their research quietly unknown to the public eye.

    1945 - End of World War 2
    1953 - Death of Stalin

    1960 - Nato and Communist tensions heighten
    NATO and the communist USSR reach new heights of tensions.  Proxy wars begin to occur all over the world.

    1978 - World war 3
    The USSR and NATO go at it tooth and nail, this war will last for over 20 years until 1999.   This war results in the devastation of the worlds infrastructure including that of America.  Multiple cities are nuked as part of a scorched earth policy to avoid the risk of all out nuclear war.  It isn't until both sides finally press the button in 1999 of september when the war finally ends with atomic devastation.
    1999 (Sept) - End of World War 3
    1999 (Sept) - Nukes are launched

    1999 - 2070 - Powers rise once again
    It would take almost a hundred years until humanity finally establishes itself as empires of land.  The US and the East despite being nuked give rise to powerful post-apocalyptic nations.  Europe acts as a buffer zone between these nations.

    2120 - The Defense Initiative
    All nations enter a period of negation, this negotiation leads to the finance and empowerment of a new governing and military body known as the Defense initiative.  The Defense Initiative is ruled by a democratic council and the head of state that of a "Director."  The world finds peace.

    2125 - Clean up
    The Defense Initiative puts in place budgets for radioactive clean up of the world.

    2126 - Rival power
    Due to the Initiatives clean up operations, wastelands within the hazardous zones begin to feel as if invaded.  It isn't long before terror groups begin to crop up within the Initiatives territory.  A unusual belief crops up that humanity will soon evolve.

    2128 - Arrival
    An asteroid crashes into earth, this asteroid serves as a catalyst to infecting the world with poison fumes as well as crystallizing the surface infectiously as well as any and all biological matter.

    2148 - The First War
    A great devastating war on terror begins, the Initiative looses many territories in the East as well as Africa.  The spreading of the Crystals spread beneth the earths crust and infect much of the world. 

    2148 - Wars end
    With the defeat of the Terrorist organisations.  The world is left once again devastated.  With this devastation the Terrorist organisations begin to merge together into a Religious developed movement known as the Order.

    2238 - Zones
    The Defense initiative begins to map out zones around the world categorizing them into three brands.  Blue , Yellow and Red.
    Blue Zones represent zones of safety, yellow zones those that're devastated by the effects of the crystal and radiation alike yet still habitable.
    Finally red zones, regions in the world where life is nearly impossible.

    2251 - Re-resurgence
    The Order begins to organised itself in Yellow and Red zones.   They conduct research on the crystal in attempts to fuse the components with humanity and use the rich substance in technological developments.  This leads to the Order reaching a technological superiority over the initiative as well as aids their propaganda.

    2252 - Insurrection
    Many blue zones feel the weight of the resurgence's effects.  Slums and poor regions within' the blue zone are targeted heavily with order propaganda resulting in uprisings and riots in support for the Order.  This leads to the order gaining underground footholds within the Blue zone as well as boosting the Orders man-power.  Rail roads are established allowing the flow of arms and the crystal within' Blue zones.  Turning many zones into both Yellow and Red zones.  It isn't long before the initiative deals with insurrections violently.

    2254 - Quiet
    The orders activities quiet down, the Defense initiative focus efforts into reclaiming land and restoring it.  A few yellow zones are converted back into Blue zones.

    2267 - TDO. Houston - Launch
    The Defence initiative launches a satellite into orbit as a sign of power and unity.  Within' the satellite houses political figures as well as top-ranking military officials.  The Defense initiative begins efforts on Military installations orbiting Earth.  Three orbital Cannons are established over Earth, designed to protect the Earth from future Asteroids and threats.

    2291 - Destruction of the TDO. Houston
    The Order launch a nuclear attack on the Houston from the surface, the Orbital Defense cannons are temporary deactivated as the Houston is destroyed, scattering debre across the world.

    2292 - The Start of the Second War
    -Where our story begins-

    The Order begin assaults over multiple blue and yellow zones.

    Our story takes place in Cairo, a red zone, it is here the Defense Initiative deploys the 203rd Zone Trooper division.    Against them they battle the Orders finest, the Black Hand.

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    Re: General History of Earth leading to the year 2292 -A WIP-

    Post by ItsOnlyReaper on Sat Sep 24, 2016 11:20 pm

    This lore sounds great for a Sci-Fi military role-play. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes Smile

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    Re: General History of Earth leading to the year 2292 -A WIP-

    Post by Madcombat on Sun Sep 25, 2016 1:49 am

    Thanks, I've still got some stalker elements to add.  For example, there is information I've to write up regarding the scientists that went underground.

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    Re: General History of Earth leading to the year 2292 -A WIP-

    Post by Debaclucy on Tue Sep 27, 2016 12:21 am

    I was informed about this by a friend, It sounds really fun and nothing like Dark "RP" turns out to be..

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    Re: General History of Earth leading to the year 2292 -A WIP-

    Post by Madcombat on Wed Sep 28, 2016 1:11 am

    That's because this isn't a dark rp, perhaps your friend might've misinformed you but this is a serious role play community with a script that runs on Nutscript.

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    Re: General History of Earth leading to the year 2292 -A WIP-

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