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    Graham's origin and backstory

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    Graham's origin and backstory

    Post by Döner Meat on Sun Sep 18, 2016 3:19 pm

    Graham always had a rough life. Being the son of an abusive father and a merchant scammer was a tough phase for him. Not to mention the fact that at a fragile age he witnessed his father selling his wife to a group of bandits because he was in debts… Life couldn’t go any worse you may think, though you’re wrong. Kicked ,by his own father, in the middle of nowhere, with just a sack of water to slow down the group of bandits that the father tried to scam, lying about how Graham’s mother is a virgin lady so he can get out of their debt was the next big hit our protagonist had to live.
    Of course the leader of the bandits couldn’t just massacre the poor fragile soul just because his father left him to die, so he sold him to a slave market instead!
    All of this would’ve shaken many people, and Graham was no exception, forcing him into killing his own slave master and taking the life of a thief and escapist. The tough life kept glueing with him, handing him disappointment for a better life, something worthy of his skills. Now, finally caught with a noose around his neck, he looked back at his whole life while everyone yelled at him different things from ‘thief’ to ‘murder’ and ‘rapist’.
    Everything he has done was for a better life he was telling to himself.
    Rain starts, hitting on the sack over his head and clothes, while the ceremonial noose is tightening around his neck and the priest asks him to get on the chair. ‘Let’s just do this quickly, I have five more vermins like you to ‘bless’ before we’re ending their lives.’ At this point the priest says the prayers but the people pushed him away, kicking the stool from under Graham’s feet. The crowd cheers in happiness, while Graham is hanging and spazing, fighting for air, starting to pee himself from the cold touch of Death itself, taking him.
    Now dead, waiting in a stool to be judged and looking at his acts over and over again, it’s for sure that he is not going to get the happy ending, not to despair though, someone had always glared at him and tested our hero. Krezz over here, an entity of greed and element of rain has always been in need of someone like Graham, offering him now another chance for a better life, in exchange for power. Maxwell shakes the entity’s fat, strong, wet and strong three fingers, hand without even thinking, the words of ‘a better life’ piercing trough his brain and forcing him to accept.
    Back from the dead, now our victim looking just the same, finds himself in the middle of the woods, in the land named Surna, ready to get back for what he has done and to serve this fat green lazy entity, he starts his journey, as a person seeking for a better life.

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