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    Maxwell Adkins backstory


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    Maxwell Adkins backstory

    Post by Katojishifu on Sun Sep 11, 2016 3:24 pm

    This is a backstory for my Fallen Knight Maxwell. Enjoy!

    Once in the more ancient days, A knight named Maxwell was a knight of his own beliefs, named the 'Sun' As he constantly where seeking for an enchanter to enchant his gear to do sun-fire damage, He managed to find one, before going on his last 'heretic slaying' quest he have been provided, his armor where provided by a master blacksmith. As he arrived to his 'heretic slaying' questpoint, A man with steel armor, alike to Maxwell's, however it have been painted matte black, a symbol runs on the knights mask the 'heretic' where wearing. Maxwell hold his sword tightly, He doing a quick prayer before entering the said abandoned building, praying to his god, the sun. He entered with careful steps. Having his sunlight infused claymore in both hands. The room was pitch black, nothing could be seen. Maxwell simply trusted his instincts and hearing, upon looking a short around in the pitch darkness, he could smell a foul foul smell, he swings towards it, Maxwell quickly feels an magic infused arrow hit him in the black mist, the magic infused arrow made Maxwell's consciousness slowly slip away, The arrow was heavily magic infused, disabling Maxwell Adkins to age in his deep slumber, it's only now something have disturbed him from his ancient slumber, two centuries after his slumber set-in. He wakes up in a abandoned house covered in snow, the house also seemed to have been burnt recently, the wood being rotten, Maxwell exits the house, only to be greeted with a complete, complete new land, and onward he sets his journey to banish heretics and spread the word of the sun.

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