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    Orcs. Ogres and Trolls


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    Orcs. Ogres and Trolls

    Post by Madcombat on Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:26 pm

    The Orcs of Surna

    Orcs are large green skinned brutes, muscular in nature and fairly large. The Orcish mentality is that of war. All Orcs enjoy personal glory and strength.

    Orc society is often led by a cheiften, those below are that of peons and warriors. All serve the Clan and often make war with humans for resources.

    Some Clans accept outsiders within', outsiders such as Ogres and Trolls. However, Orcs tend to quarrel with humans and other races.

    Religion: Orcs are shamanistic in faith and put trust into elements such as fire.

    ((Note: Orcs here are extremely Warcraft inspired))

    The Trolls of Surna

    These creatures are slender and tall, their skin blue. Trolls are extremely zealous in nature and are follow Shamanistic beliefs like the Orcs. Troll society often mingles with Orcish clans. Trolls often make use of spears and quarrel with Humans and elves.

    The Ogre

    A tall, dumb and yet mighty creature. Trolls tend to be lazy and often do not mingle well with groups. Ogres often pick fights and respect individual strength at the highest level. Ogres however are not exactly religious nor' can they even comprehend such magics. Ogre's have been known to mingle with the trolls and Orcs.

    Ogre society is usually one of pack life, they often pick on small travelers and eat everything they find.

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