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    Sotark Veskgrath



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    Sotark Veskgrath

    Post by Baluv on Thu Sep 08, 2016 1:14 am

    Sotark Veskgrath
    Level 1

    Primary Stats

    Strength - 3/10
    Perception - 1/10
    Endurance - 3/10
    Charisma - 2/10
    Intelligence - 2/10
    Agility - 1/10
    Luck - 1/10
    Willpower - 3/10

    FATIGUE - 15
    RECOVERY - 1.5


    Engineering(Int)  - 10/100
    Lore (Int)           - 10/100
    First Aid(Int)       - 10/100
    Intuition(Int)       - 10/100
    Dicipline (WP)     - 15/100
    Charm(Cha)        - 10/100
    Guile(Cha)          - 10/100
    Resilience(End)    - 15/100
    Athletics(Str)      - 15/100
    Intimidate(Str)    - 15/100
    Stealth(AG)        - 5/100
    Skulduggery(AG) - 5/100

    Weapon Skills

    One-handed Swords (str) (AG) 10/100
    One-Handed Axes (str) (AG) 10/100
    One-Handed Hammer (STR) (AG) 10/100
    Two-handed Swords (STR) 15/100
    Two-handed Axes (STR) 15/100
    Two-Handed Hammer (STR) 15/100
    Daggers (AG) 5/100
    Staffs (AG) 5/100
    Shields (STR) 15/100

    Bows (AG) (PER) 5/100
    Muskets (AG) (PER) 5/100



    Well Crafted/Sharp Copper Handaxe - 4AT - 1.050 KG
    Cloth Pants - 1DT - 1.200 KG
    Leather Shoe - 3DT - 0.150 KG
    Cloth Tunic - 1DT - 1.000 KG


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    Re: Sotark Veskgrath

    Post by Döner Meat on Thu Sep 08, 2016 6:04 pm

    Accepted, just make sure you chop that wood good


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    Re: Sotark Veskgrath

    Post by Baluv on Sat Sep 10, 2016 2:57 am

    **Sotark Veskgrath took up his axe in both hand, and carefully took a few downward swings against the trunk of the tree. Intending to cleave out an arrow of sorts into the side of the tree, so that he may control where it falls when he had cut into the trunk enough. He continued to do this for some time, occasionally shifting his position to tackle another side of the wide tree trunk. His copper axe made short work of the initial, outer layer of the tree till he neared it's core, Where it began to get tough and tedious to work with. This was nothing new to Sotark however, and soon enough he found himself working away at the lower portion of his arrow pattern cut.

    **Sotark Veskgrath wiped the sweat from his forehead as he finally stepped over to the side, giving the tree one last swing before freeing a huge chunk of the tree. "TIMBER!" He'd yell as loud as he could before observing the tree fall along the hillside, and rolling down before pinning itself against it's own stump and another tree. This was thankfully ideal for Sotark, as he could now begin to hack away at the branches. He made his way up along the slope of the hillside and sat snuggly at the base of the fallen tree, taking a moment to rest before he would tackle on the branches of the pine tree.

    **Sotark Veskgrath lifted himself off the trunk, and stepped off to it's side so that he may get a better swing at the tree's branches, this thankfully didn't take long, only a few branches need the application of a third swing. He went on with this tedious task for some time, piling up the branches elsewhere before finally clearing the top side of the tree. Now he can begin sectioning the tree up before taking the rest of the branches off.

    **Sotark Veskgrath he started with the top end of the tree, which needed much of it's canopy trimmed off before he got down to the beefier bits. Striking away at them with his copper axe, he made short work of the smaller part of the tree, easily accumilating 2 logs before proceeding down to the much thicker trunk. It was as simple as a rinse repeat process some would say; but Sotark could feel the exhaustion come over him. He often thought back to his younger days where he was much more fit, and able to take 3 or 4 trees a day all by himself. He smirked and nodded his head at the memories of his youth while striking away at the tree, finally finishing it all up and making a rather hefty log pile, as well as a pile of branches he would no doubt use for camp fires, should he find to proper materials to roll the branches with and carry with him. For now he just needed to drag the logs back to his friend.

    FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command: escape
    Sotark Veskgrath says "I bring you logs for your furnace, or to heat your fireplace."
    Alkwin Aerith says "Thank you, just leave it next to the forge."
    Sotark Veskgrath says "Do you need me to cut them into smaller peices?"
    Alkwin Aerith says "Mmm, no this should be fine. Though, do you know how to make handle scales?"
    Sotark Veskgrath says "I have some experience in wood carving, will that suffice?"

    Alkwin Aerith says "Should. Since the town got sieged I have lost alot of my materials, so it'll help alot."
    Sotark Veskgrath says "Will you be paying me?"
    Alkwin Aerith says "Lets say 15 silver for each handle scale you carve?"

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    Re: Sotark Veskgrath

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