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    What are professions and how do they work?


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    What are professions and how do they work?

    Post by Madcombat on Mon Jul 25, 2016 7:39 pm


    Professions are an alternative means to making money and providing equipment and items to characters through commerce on the server.  A character can only take up a single profession and will require certain pre-requesites to make use of his profession.  For example, a Black Smith will require the free use of an forge and anvil.   Enchanters will require a enchanting study, tailors will require spinning wheel.

    In short, most professions require a workshop.  However some professions do not, for example you do not require any workshop to skin an animal or to mine.  In short, you can split the profession system into two groups.  Collection of goods and manufacturing of goods.

    So, how does this system work?

    Well it's quite simple and a concept, first things first is that we'll make use of the character sheet system to facilitate a skill within a select profession.   The highest skill rating in terms of any profession is 225.   All profession interactions must be recorded within a character thread in the relevant skill section detailing what you made and who for, this is to allow the administration to flexibly keep record of what's being created and distributed.      Each Profession will give a skill rating of what you can create so for example as a black smith you might be rank 20 and because of this be able to make a very basic two-handed sword compared to an expert who might be maxed out an able to create an epic weapon.

    The process
    It's quite simple, if you're out in the field with the gathering profession such as mining.  You'll call usually upon an admin or event manager for a perception check to inform you if you find anything relevant to your profession.  This manager will then update your sheet information ensuring you have relevant item in your inventory.

    If you're a character making use of a workshop, you are entitled to a more relaxed rule-set that you must adhere to.  First things first you'll usually get a customer putting an order through to you.  You'll IC'ly accept/refuse this order, upto you and proceed to try create the item IC'ly through roleplay.   Depending on the item, it'll take IC time to create however MOST items do not ever take a full OOC day to complete.  When you've finished the roleplay, you must ensure you've logged the roleplay and given the details of the item in a thread which belongs to your character in the relevant profession section such as mining or enchanting.   After this, you'll need to ensure you let an admin know in-game what you've done so he can update the neccecery threads for the parties involved including your characters thread for the neccecery skill gain.

    There you have it, it's quite simple.

    Current professions

    The current professions as follow:
    -Gathering skills-
    -First aid

    -Workshop skills-
    -Black Smiting
    -Leather working

    There is also undiscovered professions that do not exist currently that should be discovered IC'ly through interaction.

    How do I get a profession

    Not every character should IC'ly be skilled with a profession. There for we've decided it is best to limit the ratio of profession users through forum application process. Sorry, but that's simply how things need to be.

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