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    The Human kingdom of Surna


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    The Human kingdom of Surna

    Post by Madcombat on Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:21 pm

    The Kingdom of Surna

    The human kingdom of Surna is a northern Kingdom of Sevilidan.  The Climate is moderate yet mountainous and rugged.   Surna is split into five Duchies, these Duchies are as follows: Sturnbridge, Athelix, Hillsurn, Karrack, Nar' shadaw.

    Sturnbridge is a plain land, a land consisting mostly of farmland and rivers.  Sturnbridge consists of counties that make their due' through fishing, farming and merchanting using the coastal provences.  

    Athelix is another land very simular to Sturnbridge, the land is plain and plentifull, a grand river seperates Surna from the southern kingdoms.  Military watch towers and a great wall seal passage, among a wall is a great citadel known a Gulathag citadel in which houses the Military presence tasks with the protection of it's citizens.  Athelix makes it's due through farming and fishing.

    Hillsurn is the capital duchie of Surna with the King holding both titles.  Hillsurn is protected by mountainous terrain, a great river as well as many fortifications to protect the region.  Hillsurn produces from the farmland, mining into the mountainous terrain and serves as a great central point of trade for the kingdom.

    Karrack is a purely mountainous location, it's counties sit all within the mountains yet Karrack is home to many citizens as it holds a grand city of humans.  Another point of great trade.  Due to Karracks mountains, Karrack draws the attention of Dwarfs who mine in the mountains for the Duke of this land.  Karrack is also home to one of the first Paladin holdings, garrisoned by the Eternal Flame.

    Nar' Shadaw is a land coveted by forest and Marshland, it's inhabitants are the trollish and Orcish people who have recently set up tribal bases and camps.   A people looking to call this land theres.  As a result, this has caused the humans of Nar' Shadaw to flee the land East to Karrack.  Paladins often travel to Nar' Shadaw under the principle of initiation into the Eternal Flame.

    The Human Kingdom of Surna is ruled by a Benevolent King Dragonsurn.  The nation stands as a becon of humanity and is often the first to heed the horn when danger threatens the world.  King Dragonsurn has assumed the heavy mantle of protecting all of Surna and all those who abide in his domain.   Surna's armies are strong, and hold a rightous fury.    Leadership of Surna is reserved to Paladins serving the Light however a warrior leading a minor position within Surna is not unusual.

    King Dragonsurn is father of both a daughter and male heir to his throne, Isila daughter to Dragonsurn and Dragonsurn II heir to the throne, currently Dragonsurn II trains under the Eternal Flame to become a Paladin of the Light.

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