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    Pekap Goatman



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    Pekap Goatman

    Post by Goatmachine5000 on Tue Aug 23, 2016 12:38 am

    Level 1
    (Pekap Goatman)

    Primary Stats

    Strength - 1/10
    Perception - 1/10
    Endurance - 2/10
    Charisma - 1/10
    Intelligence - 2/10
    Agility - 1/10
    Luck - 3/10
    Willpower - 2/10

    FATIGUE - 10
    RECOVERY - 1


    Engineering(Int) - 10/100
    Lore (Int) - 10/100
    First Aid(Int) - 10/100
    Intuition(Int) - 10/100
    Dicipline (WP) - 10/100
    Charm(Cha) - 5/100
    Guile(Cha) - 5/100
    Resilience(End) - 10/100
    Athletics(Str) - 5/100
    Intimidate(Str) - 5/100
    Stealth(AG) - 5/100
    Skulduggery(AG) - 5/100

    Weapon Skills

    One-handed Swords (str) (AG) 5/100
    One-Handed Axes (str) (AG) 5/100
    One-Handed Hammer (STR) (AG) 5/100
    Two-handed Swords (STR) 5/100
    Two-handed Axes (STR) 5/100
    Two-Handed Hammer (STR) 5/100
    Daggers (AG) 5/100
    Staffs (AG) 5/100
    Shields (STR) 5/100

    Bows (AG) (PER) 5/100
    Muskets (AG) (PER) 5/100


    Rusty copper dagger|None|1ATK/Purple robes(Head-Cloth hood)(Chest-Simple clothing)(Arm-Cloth arm)(Simple pants)|None|4DT/Light leather boots|None|2DT/Wooden staff|None|3ATK


    Ability name|What it does|Level


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    Re: Pekap Goatman

    Post by Goatmachine5000 on Wed Aug 24, 2016 5:41 pm

    **Pekap Goatman takes a sharp stone off the table holding a log down with his foot chipping at it to try and make planks of some sort**Pekap Goatman repeats this process for a few more logs before pilling up the makeshift planks to the side**Pekap Goatman brings the pointy rock up stabbing it into the arm surrounding the end of the stump laughing maniacly at the pain**Pekap Goatman lets the blood drop to the floor as he picks up the sharp stone again this time trying to take out the inside of the log instead of turning it into a plank**Pekap Goatman places this ring next to the plank turning to the insides he had chipped out picking up certain pieces seeming to carve them into wooden nails**Pekap Goatman places these nails on the table picking up the bloody and pointy rock again this time stabbing holes into**Pekap Goatman thens picks up the ring sliding it over his stumps spinning it around slightly until the holes line up with the ones in his arm**Pekap Goatman lays the arm on the table picking nails up placing them into the holes before picking up a flat heavy rock slaming the nails into the hole**Pekap Goatman grabs one of the makeshift planks using the point rock again to punch hole into either side of it placing it so it covers the hole in the ring showing the stump**Pekap Goatman would place nails into the holes made by the pointy rock hammering them in with the flat rocik again to attach it to the log**Pekap Goatman would pick up the sharp rock yet again to chip away the excess would on the plank to make it look more round**Pekap Goatman takes more planks placing them around the ring so they stick out hammering them into the ring with left over nail before hammering them into eachother**Pekap Goatman grabs a few more logs pulling them inside before getting back to work**Pekap Goatman makes another log ring using the insides to make more nails**Pekap Goatman would look at the table eyeing some of the flexible branches he brought in before grinnning**Pekap Goatman makes some more planks out of the remaining logs before picking up a bendy branch**Pekap Goatman takes it placing it on one of the planks going away from his arm placing a nail in it to hold it in place as he then hammers the nail in**Pekap Goatman then repeats this process on each plank before then attaching some more in the same way to his arm close to the shoulder whilst attaching the others ends to the flexible branches hanging from the planks**Pekap Goatman then takes the second log ring using the sharp rock to chip away one side angling it to one side is narrow and progressivly gets wider to the other side**Pekap Goatman then attaches the loose ends of the branch and attach them to the ring**Pekap Goatman then attaches more branches to the ring before attaching them to the other planks and nailing the planks together**Pekap Goatman then looks at his creation attached to his arm grinning madly as he tries to move it


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    Re: Pekap Goatman

    Post by Madcombat on Wed Aug 24, 2016 6:28 pm

    Pekap usng Gnome genius has replaced his lost limbs.

    Young Blood

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    Re: Pekap Goatman

    Post by Young Blood on Wed Aug 24, 2016 10:42 pm

    Tarsh is Appeased.

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    Re: Pekap Goatman

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