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    The Beastmen


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    The Beastmen

    Post by Madcombat on Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:12 pm


    Beastmen are responcible for the creation of the Beastkin, they inhabit all regions of Surna and will often group in tribes.  Beastmen are savage creatures, with each tribe being independant with it's own history.  Beastmen often raid humans for food, drink and most of all women to which they have their fun with.   Beastmen also tend to make use of their victims by skinning their flesh to use as clothing or for creating new tents to sleep in.

    Their relations with the world are extremely hostile, no one enjoys the sight of the Beastmen and thus' all worldly factions see the Beast men as a threat.    

    The Appearance:
    Beastmen are often covered in a coat, scale or fur. They are bi-pedal creatures and often make the use of spears to hunt. Beastmen take the appearances of different creatures around the world. Some resemble tigers all the way to rats.
    Beastmen are not civilized creatures and most if not all do not understand foreign language.

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