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    Battle Guidelines & Logic play


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    Battle Guidelines & Logic play

    Post by Madcombat on Mon Jul 25, 2016 9:49 am

    Battle Guidelines


    Believe it or not, there was a time in roleplay before we had systems such as play to loose and play to win as well as rolling.  Yes, roleplay used to be executed on much more reasonable grounds and natural grounds.   In DnD, it was rolling against and with stats.  On garrysmod however we used to just play logically.  It didnt matter whether you was in a bad situation or if someone was incredibly more likely to win.  We'd let the roleplay flow and watch a result roll along.

    However, over the course of eight years after those times, players have distorted and changed certain concepts of roleplay, even followed like sheep to believe "This is how all roleplay must be conducted in Gmod."  It is incredibly flawed, roleplay is not static.

    First let me explain, I do not enjoy a system in which success is determined before a battle begins.  The concept of a rigged battle is boring to me, even if I know I am the most powerfull or OP entity in existance, the idea of stating that I am to win or loose before a bullet is fired or a sword is clashed is retarded.   Second, an event where a battles outcome is decided purely on a roll between 0-100 is also incredibly flawed.    That'd be like allowing an new-borne baby to kill a sun just because it managed to roll 100.  This kind of idea annoys me greatly.

    So, with all this in mind.  Our system is different and we cater to two different styles of play.   Let me explain, I've sold our roleplay scenario through the meshing of both a DnD type environment and also pure logic play.     I believe we can take the best of both worlds and allow the players to utilize things like character sheets and items to make not only the roleplay unique but their characters unique.  No character is the same, no character hits the same or takes the same amount of damage.  In a world such as Half life 2, dodging an action can easily be called bullshit because there is no means to facilitate a characters authencity when concluding an action such as dodging or moving a huge object our of raw strength.

    Our idea is simple, the first is DnD based whilst the next solution is character logic play.

    The DnD-like system

    The DnD like system is designed to resolve large battles involving multiple characters OR NPC's (Non-player characters)  Think of this as a alternative from "Shoot to kill" as we will not be using any kind of hands on combat methods as they're extremely lacking to provide something as in-depth as we're trying to accomplish.

    The DnD system is turn based, skills and fatigue is utilized per-turn to determine rates such as exhaustion and damage.    The DnD system also has a armor concept tied to it to help further the uniqueness.    Currently the DnD system is still in concept and we're still changing it.  Right now the system works as follows:

    1. Player will do an action upon another initiating combat, he will /roll 100 for his weapon skill check.  He will then /roll 20 for his stat skill check (Str for melee, Int for spells, Agi for ranged.)
    2.  Opposing character will either try to block or dodge an attack.  Blocking an attack doesnt cancel out all the damage however it does block out the majority of damage.  If player fails to block an attack he must roll /roll 20 for an endurance check to test how well his body handles the pain.
    3. Depending on circumstance, the player receiving/blocking/dodging damage will then have his turn in which case is step 1.
    4. Rince and repeat the process.

    Sound static to you?  How about we explain Armour, dodging and weapon damages next to spice things up.  The info to Armour, dodging and weapon damages is on the Character sheet and Calculations page

    Think that's still static and simple enough? Hold on, there is a fatigue system to help simulate exhaustion as counter effects from skills.

    Fatigue is simple, when you use a spell you become more tired and this should be respected in your role play. When you use a skill you become more tired as well. If your fatigue drops to 0 you'll fall unconscious. Fatigue does not lower unless you're using a spell or skill. However, fatigue may lower if a skill is used against you which as a effect against your fatigue. Once again, see Character sheet and Calculations page
    for more information on fatigue.

    Ah, whats that "Whats a skill or spell?" well this is fantasy after all and it's fairly hard without a character sheet or in-depth listing to roleplay an effect from a skill or spell. Put it simply, each turn you'll have the ability to execute a character skill that's within your class and level range. Execute it, play it out as explained in the skill's explaination and carry through. Simple really.

    Character Logic play

    Put frankly, this is nothing like play-to-loose or play-to-win. In my opinion all roleplay scenario's should be played out to try and win. No character simply gives up willingly in a fight. So what sets this apart from these kinds of roleplay methods?

    Well let me explain, this system still makes use of character sheets and enables the use of character skills and spells however in a lighter and more traditional method.

    In short, you'll roleplay in accordance to your characters sheet and you'll be able to roleplay confidently it too because it is fact. You'll be unable to be called "Bullshit" on doing an action because your characters ability is recorded. Not only does this empower an more powerfull character but it also empowers the opposing character because you'll be able to track the characters abilities OOC'ly and ensure the player doesnt pull bullshit against you. This also empowers both players together because you'll be able to come to a conclusion much easier because of the recorded information regarding characters.

    Ah, but what if a regular player doesn't want to make a sheet nor' has interest in doing so? Well there's a contingency for that too, he'll have a pre-determined stat list. What can I say? There's gotta' be some peasants right?

    In short, show love and care for your character and the reward will be your character itself. Otherwise, you're going to have to deal with the fact your too lazy.
    It is not an admins job to track players that are too lazy to care about their character, it IS our job to put effort into tracking those who care about their character.

    Well, that is the system, very simple and unique. You go with a DnD like system or you role play using logic and adhering to your characters ability and uniqueness.

    Now, have fun.

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