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    Town of Marenshore



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    Town of Marenshore

    Post by BillCosby on Mon Aug 22, 2016 6:27 am

    Marenshore is a fortified town on the coastline ran by the baroness who aims to turn it into a thriving city. They recruit adventurers and workers who seek refuge from the now plague stricken city of karrack to strengthen their numbers.

    Don't expect to keep your job as a guard if you run around the map most of the time and ignore orders from the leaders and only come on once every few days.


    Shalyn Soboek: Baroness

    Clark Nightingale: Miner

    Sigmund Diodoros: Miner

    Xi'Haraaath: Miner

    Rhilik Ket: Blacksmith


    9 copper ore

    2 silver ore

    1 iron ore

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