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    The Humans of Surna & Mutants


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    The Humans of Surna & Mutants

    Post by Madcombat on Mon Jul 04, 2016 5:18 pm

    Humans Of Surna

    The human of Surna usually stand around 5'10 to 6'10, they're a hard people used to the snowy climates that Surna is.    The typical human male is a bulky muscular male.  Human are usually reknown for being xenophobic as well as great diplomats.  Humans tend to live to the age of 70.

    Human culture has it that most men begin training with arms at twelve years of age with basic sword play. Must men learn to ride a horse long before the age of twelve.  Their culture surrounds typically drinking, music.

    Human economy is reliant on farming and fishing as well as stone crafting. Human economy also thrives through the aid to other races such as dwarfs and elves.  Dwarfs being the humans closest allies.  Through Dwarfs they trade food and fish for rare metals and weapons.   The High Elves offer ancient knowledge in return for the traded metals and food.

    Humans are also highly religious as all races within' Sevilidan.  Like the Dwarfs and Elves, humans worship the Light.    The light is a mysterious benevolent force residing in all living creatures.    The Light is believed to be the source of life that binds all beings together.    The Light can manifest itself in individuals who have a desire to protect and heal.  Learning to use the Light can take years of practice and discipline.

    The Human mutants of Surna

    The human mutants of Surna are the product of abduction and ill-fated ends.   It is said the first human mutants was born to the beastmen and humans as sickening off-spring.   The mutants of Surna are known as Beast-kin.   They are a combination of sub-races of the human and beast like nature of beastmen.    Their physical sight makes them all different, some beastkin have human flesh with animal like physical traits such as a tail or animal like ears.   Some Beastkin only resemble a human in height and stature.   Some Beastkin have scales and leathery flesh, others are combed in fur.  

    Beastkin also speak different from a regular human, their tone can hiss, purr, growl and bark words.    It is because of their physical and un-natural speech that Beastkin are heavily disliked within human society.   Witch-hunts usually involve a Beastkin being strung up.

    Economically, the Beastkin are a poor people.   They come from the bottom of society and usually rob and mug others to make their way through life.  Beastkin however are a agile people, for their social loss they are gifted with speed and athletic feats.

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