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    Profession Application: Blacksmithing - Rhilik Ket - Marstruc


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    Profession Application: Blacksmithing - Rhilik Ket - Marstruc

    Post by Marstruc on Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:08 pm


    OOC Name: Marstruc
    Character Name: Rhilik Ket

    Character Sheet Link:
    Steam Profile Link:


    Why would your character do this profession?:

    Being an elf, one might expect Rhilik to be more interested in magic, or nature. However, his heart lives with the art of shaping steel and iron from cold ore deep in the ground, into beautiful creations of any kind. While he is more akin to just being a beginner, he is eager to show that he is very capable at what he does, as well as to show Surna that elves are as capable in all aspects, just as humans are.

    Explain what the profession is and how it works:

    Blacksmithing is the profession of shaping and thus creating objects from metal, usually steel or iron. It is done by forging the metals with a tool such as a hammer, and then using other implements to bend and cut through the material until the object wanted is created. These objects can range from things such as nails, gates and metal fittings, to armour, swords and shields.

    Blacksmiths also repair items that have been damaged, by reforging them into shape or applying additional material and welding (which can be done traditionally) the metals together.

    To forge metals, they must be heated to extremely high temperatures, usually when the metal glows a bright and hot orange, in a forge. In traditional blacksmithing, a hammer is then used with the metal against a flat (usually stone) surface to draw out material or otherwise flatten it out to create a general flat shape, before using tools such as files, punches, chisels, etc, to create the shape for the object, or part of the object.

    A blacksmith can then finish these objects in several ways. Most commonly known is heat treating, where an object is heated to a specific temperature then cooled rapidly in order to give it a particular hardness. There's also filing to smooth surfaces and clean up edges. Removing scale/slag (oxidised metal) is also done, to improve the look of an object. Then there's other items used to otherwise polish, smooth and shape surfaces.


    Other Notes: I made this free form, because Madcombat told me that's how it'd be done. Also, I made it short and sweet because I feel it's less imposing then a five mile long application where information is all in one place, when you can access it just via links.



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    Re: Profession Application: Blacksmithing - Rhilik Ket - Marstruc

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