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    The Order - Lore Information


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    The Order - Lore Information

    Post by Madcombat on Thu Sep 29, 2016 4:54 pm

    The Order

    The order is a active fanatical religious organisation currently operating through out red zones and yellow zones, the group is known to have originated in  one of Russia's yellow zones.  Although the group surfaced during the arrival of the crystal in 2128, the group has ties and origins dating back to before World War 3.  The group follows a leader known only as their high prophet Abbadon.  The group holds similar traditions of that of Christianity yet no follower holds these traditions.  The group follows the beliefs that Abbadon is an immortal prophet who first guided the group during 2128 and thus the group also holds the belief that the crystal is the catalyst to human evolution as a species.   The order concerns itself with a highly developed Military and Scientific Focus however it's religious articulated ideology drives this.

    The official mandate with the Order is the spreading of the crystal and the destruction of the Defense Initiative.  Achieving such victory, the order believes Man-kind will be uplifted and evolve.  The order holds numerous scientifically and technological advantages within and have actively been fusing the Crystal into human components as well as technology.  This includes cybernetic developments, trans-human developments as well as focusing the lens of the crystal into heated energy weapons.

    Leading the fight against the Initiative is the Black Hand, the orders finest warriors.   The Black Hand is a cell within the Order that operates within' both red, yellow and blue zones. 

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