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    Risks in a Red Zone


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    Risks in a Red Zone

    Post by Madcombat on Fri Sep 23, 2016 6:29 pm

    The Risks in the Red Zone

    The red zone is a region declared red by the Defense initiative which is highly contaminated by multiple hazards.   Hazards contain -
    * Radiation
    * Crystal
    * Mutants
    * Unstable environment

    The land within' a red zone is a constantly shifting and changing environment.  Crystal's contaminate 80% of occupied space, land vehicles often become stuck or find themselves getting stuck.  The Environment itself is tricky to maneuver as the ground is dead and lifeless and often distorted into crevices.  Radioactive protection is a requirement in this region as the levels are dangerously high.  Lone men venturing into the hazardous parameter often are never found again as mutants stalk these lands.

    If a squad or individual is to venture into a Red Zone, the following PPE (Personal-Protective-Equipment) must be provided.
    Functioning Respirator
    Full-body Jump-suit
    Protective Ballistic equipment
    Level A - Hazardous Protective suit
    Grade D - Hydrolic-rigging & Exo-suit

    Apart from the protective equipment that must be maintained and sealed on body at all times, individuals are required to bare arms against physical threats such as mutants and enemy forces within the Red Zone. Wild life within' the Red zone greatly differs from that of the Blue zone, to all combating forces greatly conciser avoiding and if not neutralizing all contaminated wildlife including human.

    Individuals must be wary of certain potential life threatening hazards not yet discovered within' red zones.  Be on the look out for vines and open crevices.

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