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    The ruinous wastelands


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    The ruinous wastelands

    Post by Madcombat on Sun Sep 18, 2016 5:00 am

    There is a place
    A place man rarely sets his foot prints upon
    A place where the unnatural lurk
    A place wondrous yet dangerous
    A place so vast, it is endless.
    These lands are known to all
    The Ruinous Wastes

    There is a land beyond the great cold, beyond the elfish kingdom.  A place where no man dare tread.  The ruinous wastelands are a cold hostile land to the north where  horrific creatures hail from.  Every often a race will migrate out of the ceaseless lands known as the Ruinous wastes and emerge.  Races such as the Orcs, Trolls and Ogres once hailed from such a land too long ago, so long no longer remembered.     It is a land of pure survival of the fittest, where physics hold no resemblance.  Where what makes sense is madness.

    Those who tred beyond into these ceaseless wastes often turn to madness, those who return are often mad.  It takes great will power of an individual to retain such sanity.   The Ruinous wastes has been rumored to withhold numerous tribes.  Tribes that die out within' the hour and tribes that arise powerful and fall equally as easy within' the same day.

    There are whispers, whisper that call to those who dwell nearby too long.  It calls for adventure, for exploration.  Promise of power lurk within'.

    If one is to venture into the ruinous wastes they will find only afew thousand miles of snow, blizard and storms.  To go further they merely find somthing particularly horrifying.   It is said the world is flat and that the lands are ceaseless.  No one has gone further then the wastes.   After the longest stretch of arctic land you arrive at an endless desert.  Nothing particularly interesting here.  The next Ten-thousand miles you'll exit the desert and come across a horrific land.  A land ripped apart, directionless.  Nothing here makes physical sense and often contemplating or trying to understand this land will drive one insane.  Not even the sun dares show its rays here.  Not even the moon dare share it's beauty.   

    Storm clouds gather over the wastelands, purple lightning shrouds the air.  The ground itself opens up to reveal the ancient horrors within'.

    Generally, more frequently then before tribal men will frequently arrive in Surna bringing their blood lust with them.  These men care nothing more then for mindless slaughter, pleasure and eating.  Their minds hold no fear just whispers.  Those who listen long enough find out their belief is much more horrifying then the man himself.

    The Chaos Gods are not to be trifled with for there is no heresy deeper then that of Chaos.  Demonic corruption pales in comparison to Chaos.  Where demons wish for control and obedience.  Chaos wishes for what it is, Chaos.  It brings out the truest forms of all mortal kind, fear, loyalty, insanity, duty.  Every opposing ideal is said to bring about the creation, the empowerment of Chaos.

    It is unknown whether the Chaos gods actually exist though the belief in such evil defiantly exists.

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