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    Ziisill Vennah


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    Ziisill Vennah

    Post by Katojishifu on Wed Sep 14, 2016 2:36 pm

    Ziisill Vennah
    Level 2
    Class : N/A

    now imagine with less 'demon' horns AND WINGS!

    Primary Stats

    Strength - 0/10
    Perception - 4/10
    Endurance - 1/10
    Charisma - 1/10
    Intelligence - 1/10
    Agility - 4/10
    Luck - 1/10
    Willpower - 3/10

    FATIGUE - 5
    RECOVERY - 1.5


    Engineering(INT) - 5/100
    Lore (INT) - 5/100
    First Aid(INT) - 5/100
    Intuition(INT) - 5/100
    Dicipline (WP) - 15/100
    Charm(CHA) - 5/100
    Guile(CHA) - 5/100
    Resilience(END) - 5/100
    Athletics(STR) - 0/100
    Intimidate(STR) - 0/100
    Stealth(AG) - 20/100
    Skulduggery(AG) - 20/100

    Weapon Skills

    One-handed Swords (STR) (AG) - 10/100
    One-Handed Axes (STR) (AG) - 10/100
    One-Handed Hammer (STR) (AG) - 10/100
    Two-handed Swords (STR) - 0/100
    Two-handed Axes (STR) - 0/100
    Two-Handed Hammer (STR) - 0/100
    Daggers (AG) - 20/100
    Staffs (AG) - 20/100
    Shields (STR) - 0/100

    Bows (AG) (PER) - 20/100
    Muskets (AG) (PER) - 20/100


    Tribal rags | No ability | 1DT
    Neutral horns | Ramming attack | 2ATK
    Sharpened Bone knife x2 | No ability | 6ATK
    QuiverAndBowOfLight | Infinite arrows thatDeal lightDamage, If struckBy an arrowIt wouldMake continues lightDamage untilRemoved, also theArrow travelsFaster than usual (8ATK per turn, can be stacked) | 8ATK + 8ATK if Evil/Unholy
    Well-Crafted Bone-sword | No ability | 9ATK


    Passive abilities

    Magic abilities

    Combat abilities

    Other abilities
    Proficient Bone Crafting|When crafting bone weapons and armor, the item gains +3 to thier stats if it may be DT or ATK|Level 2

    Döner Meat

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    Re: Ziisill Vennah

    Post by Döner Meat on Sat Sep 17, 2016 1:13 pm

    Leveled up to level 2 and crafted a bone knife and gained the Quiver and Bow of light from the Orb of light as a reward.
    Gained one additional stat point in: Agility.
    Learned the ability: Proficient Bone Crafting|When crafting bone weapons and armor, the item gains +3 to thier stats if it may be DT or ATK

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    Re: Ziisill Vennah

    Post by Katojishifu on Sat Sep 17, 2016 3:01 pm

    Ziisill Vennah says "Give bone!"
    Ziisill Vennah says "I make weapon, sword!"
    **Protector Diana Rogier she leaves out a sighs. When looking towards her sacks:"The one in the corner has bones from the most animals I killed for the food."
    Ziisill Vennah says "Long bone..?"
    Ziisill Vennah says "Is long bone?"
    Protector Diana Rogier says "Yes, there are long bones in it."
    **Ziisill Vennah she turns around, walking to the sack, empting it on the floor.
    Protector Diana Rogier says "Wha- ! ZIISILL !!"
    Protector Diana Rogier says "You don't EMPTY IT ON THE DAMN FLOOR !"
    Ziisill Vennahsays "But.. how I make weapon then?"
    Protector Diana Rogier says "You take the bones out of the sack you need !"
    Protector Diana Rogier says "Not drop ALL of the bones from the sack on the floor !"
    Ziisill Vennah says "No no, I look part, see what i make."
    Ziisill Vennah says "I look, I see what make, I make."
    Ziisill Vennah says "I smarter."
    Protector Diana Rogier says "Just...craft your bone sword."
    Ziisill Vennah says "I make bone for you too."
    **Protector Diana Rogier she returns her sight back to the cooking food and stops the fire when pulling out the club of meat with a fork and brings it onto a big plate. It's heared how it is hissing and burning lightly.
    **Ziisill Vennah she points at it, leaving the bones messily on the floor, mumbling "Why it doing?"
    Protector Diana Rogier says "Cause I cooked it."
    Ziisill Vennah says "Hm.. I make bone, it cool?"
    **Ziisill Vennah she kneels down, picking up a small bone, along with a longer legbone.
    **Protector Diana Rogier she brings the cooked club of meat towards the table and places the plate with it down. She turns around, and looks at Ziisill, sitting down on the bench to watch her crafting something with the bones.
    **Ziisill Vennah she sits on the edge of the bench, placing a smaller bone into the goblet, or cup, taking out her knife beginning to sharpen the sides of the sword, making the blade large, only allowing for a small handle.*
    **Protector Diana Rogier she just watches her.
    **Ziisill Vennah she leaves bone cuttings everywhere, but finely crafting the bone-sword, smashing the edge of the bone down into the floor, cracking the top off, making the end into a poking weapon and a sword, A well made sword. She begins forming a hole in it for the handle she takes the small bone, making calculations from her perspective eyesight and senses, barely able to stuff the bone in, however managing, cutting the bottom of the bones of, easily able to hold it, she'd begin forming the handle into a soft-melting hand handle, making the grip better,
    **Ziisill Vennah she signs, the sword being done. (I'd say well-crafted sharpened bone-sword. 9AT as base would be 6AT and then with the perk i've taken adds 3AT.)

    Crafted [b]Well-Crafted Bone-sword | No ability | 9AT

    (Original AT is 6, though I added the 3 points from my skill.

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    Re: Ziisill Vennah

    Post by Katojishifu on Sat Sep 17, 2016 4:43 pm

    Ziisill Vennah says "Hm, leg, chest.."
    **Ziisill Vennah she kneels down, picking up a few pair of bones, she walks over to the table, clearing it so all the goblet and other shit is gone.
    **Ziisill Vennah she places a leg bone on the table, having two on the table, then walking back, picking up some ribbones, wandering back to the bones, laying all the ribbones in a stack, sitting down onto the the table.
    **Ziisill Vennah she sighs, getting a new idea, grabbing the ribbones, then placing them back, finding six more bones, she grabs some weak cloth that she uses as straps, beginning to cut a whole in the middle of it, straping letter straps inside it, making somewhat what it seems to be a skirt, placing the done pants that she've made, placing it on the half cleared table, then sitting up, taking up a new pair of bones, taking a spine along with some ribbones, beginning to form an armor with the spine, the spine she begins moving, placing ribbones in the sides, holding it together with her tribalrags that she un-equips, modelling a bone armor for her, then afterwards unwrapping her tribal skirt rag, using it with the bone skirt she made, stuffing it together with the bone armor by unwrapping the clothing, sewing the two cloths together using a needle she found finds in one of the cups, along with moving up, holding her skirt together along with the chest, finding some string over in the corner, then afterwards beginning to
    **Ziisill Vennah has crafted "Bone Skirt | No ability | 9DT" Crafted "Bone Chestpiece | No abillites | 10DT"

    'Ave already calculated it, if you need me to do, I shall make it less DT. Smile

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    Re: Ziisill Vennah

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