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    The cold cold north



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    The cold cold north

    Post by Battlecreeper on Tue Sep 13, 2016 11:13 am

    The North

    What is the north ?
    "The north is a land far to how the name says it'self. To the north, the coldest region known in this world so far. Snow lays across the entire land through the entire year. It is coated in a white blanket while mountains raise from these coats and tear them apart. Acient beings and cultures have lived within the nords, but are lost under the heavy cover of the snow.

    Who lives there ?

    "Humans, orcs, trolls, goblins, dwarfs and undead. The humans are named vikings in the north. They have a heavy cold resistances and are powerful in strength. They have access to rare material that no man has seen before if they did not visited the north. Crystalls and powerful magic items burried down in these acient dungeons. Their culture relays on raiding and war, then there is no other way to bring peace to their own land then to fight against the blood hungry orc tribes with the trolls and goblins. Dwarfs are with the humans allies, helping them in the mines to gather these rare materials and in use of magic. The undead are those that have fallen from the cold and rise again as slaves from the dark. Their souls are frozen within the snow as there is no escape to heaven or hell. Their froozen bodies reanimate with the power of darkness that lays down in the depth of the unexplored mountains that many say is a direct way to the nether."


    The humans in the north are cold blooded warriors. They do not know mercy upon their enemies and do not spare their children or wifes either. They are violent and always in search for more terrotiry to take over. Some of them have settled sailers to explore the rest of the world that is to them unknown. The constant fight against cold made them immune to cold. The leaders of their tribes or villages if they can establish one is the greatest warrior they have within their group. The struggle to survive is high, but as the dwarfs as their allies it is just made a little bit easier.


    Dwarfs are the allies of the humans, they rarely go to fight as the humans are bigger and stronger then them and so go to war instead of them. The dwarfs are the most important role for the humans in a case of war. They produce weapons that are created with magic. They are the rulers of the underground, so far it does not go down into a abyss. There are more dwarfs that can use magic the humans. It does not mean that Dwarfs do not go to war at all, they have the same culture as the humans with their time spend together over the past. It should not be a suprise when a dwarf warrior is seen burning orcs or undead with his magic or carrying a weapon larger then himself.


    The orcs are the leaders of the three races that are bound together to establish a tribe for attacks to the humans or undead, or exploration into the unknown dungeons. As the strongest race between the other two, they relay on the trolls and goblins knowledge and intellegence (If they are smart) to have shamans that give the weapons of the orcs a element boost. The trolls and goblins are the minions of the orcs, abused in anyway the orcs see fit and do most of the works such as building or gathering food. In exchange for this abuse and hard work, the orcs protect them and go to war to ensure their safety. It dosen't mean some orcs don't kill trolls or goblins for fun.

    The undead

    The undead in the north are dangerouse, as they are frozen reanimated corpses that are immune to ice and any kind of ice damage. Their skins have thicken cause they have frozen to the point it is impossible to break through unless you break the entire limb with a force weapon. Of the fallen of humans and orcs and other races. They are minions of the darkness that are hidden in the snow, but there lays a mystery that is not the darkness it'self that is hidden underneath the snow. But someone that trys to build a army of undead for the sake of the darkness to take over the world. Of course this will never happen since the humans and orcs fight the undead aswell and so the numbers decrease. What's left most of the time when exploring the north are limbs or head s scattered across the mountains and burried under the snow.

    Creatures of the north

    Trolls, dragons, wolfs, magical ice creatures. It all exists within the north, but that is not a good thing for the races that are attempting to establish a life there, like the humans. Most creatures in the north are predatory, they hunt for their meal. There is nothing else to eat besides the meat of the undead or the living, and the living is more preffered. Blood hungry beasts like the snow troll use frozen caves as their homes. Wolfs burrie a nest in the snow. Dragons occoupie entire mountains as their own terrotiry. And the magical ice creature are spawned entities of the magic that exists there. Thou they are very hostile, to protect the source of their existances. Usualy found within the caves.

    The cold:

    Do not go alone out in the dark. The cold will take you to him.

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