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    The Beastkin

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    The Beastkin

    Post by Döner Meat on Sat Sep 10, 2016 7:38 pm

    The beastkin

    Beastkin are the creation of a crossbreed between Humans and Beastmen and are therefore a hated race, humans can be /lucky/ Unlucky to successfuly give birth to a healthy beastkin.
    But in most cases, the beastkin would be born dead or be completely deformed and are so a rare sight.

    Due to being a creation of litteral rape they are a hated /race/ and are usually kicked out of towns or are even being hunted down for sport.
    If a beastkin would refuse to leave the town they would either be used as slaves or be punished in multiple ways, this is why it is advised to hide the animalistic traits of a beastkin if those are ears and tails, but yet again - having a beastkin that has no furr or an obvious mark is also a more rare sight and so are almost never to be seen by the common eye.

    But there is one large exception, a terrible secret hidden underneath the noble rug.
    There are many cases where humans would purposefully create a selective breeding procedure to allow the beastkin to look more Human than Animal, The frecious and wild ones will be casted away... but the pretty and /normal/ ones are accepted to which allows them to be used as slaves for the nobles or for anyone else who may own them.

    Beastkin are not considered an actual race and so the /human rights/ do not apply to them unless they are under a paid or noble protection.

    Another reason why the beastkin are a hated race is because it is likely that the beastkin would have some animalistic traits to them, if those being relying on instinct instead of thought and just acting like an animal itself, or having an uncontrollable urge to attack and eat thier pray if it may be human or anything else that resembles weak enough to be killed.
    Yet a beastkin may be able to learn like a human being but it would be the most rarest sight that if a beastkin is even as smart as your average peasant or even as capable as a man learning the arcena would be, or that a beastkin would not rely on instinct at all.

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