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    Character sheet and Calculations


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    Character sheet and Calculations

    Post by Madcombat on Thu Jun 30, 2016 8:06 pm

    When you create a character sheet, you will be required to do some calculations for the sheet to become accepted.  These calculations are very simple, so simple a ape could do it.  All characters start with 1 point in each Primary stat.

    This is very simple, you gain a class type from roleplay and learning about the class in-character and training down it's path.  If you do not have a class, you will not get abilities.  Instead, you will be class-less.  You do not need a class to make a character sheet.

    Racial Benefits

    To determine racial benefits, simply add the corresponding skills into your character sheet.

    Humans +1 Charisma +1 Intelligence +2 Willpower
    High Elf +1 Intelligence +1 Agility
    Dwarf +1 Strength +1 Endurance
    Gnome +2 Luck +1 Intelligence -1 Agility - 1 Strength
    Orc +2 Strength +1 Endurance -1 Intelligence
    Beastmen +2 Perception +1 Strength +1 Agility -1 Charisma -2 Intelligence
    Trolls +2 Agility -1 Endurance -1 Strength
    Ogres +3 Strength +2 Endurance -2 Intelligence -2 Charisma -1 Agility
    Beastkin +2 Perception +1 Agility -1 Strength
    Goblin +2 Agility -1 intelligence +1 Perception

    Fatigue & Recovery
    Fatigue is relation to character abilities such as casting a spell or doing an trained attack that gives benefits.

    Fatigue's capacity is calculated through Endurance.  For each point of endurance, you will gain +5 fatigue to your capacity.   This means if you have 5 endurance, you will have a maximum of 25 fatigue capacity during a fight or action.

    Recovery of fatigue is calculated through will-power which gives you .5 recovery per-point.  This means you require 2 will-power points to gain a point of Fatigue back after a turn in a fight.  If you have 5 will-power, you will re-gain 2.5 fatigue back each turn.  

    Fatigue exists as a balance for characters such as mages and characters that have high damaging abilities as without fatigue, a mage would be over-powered.  If fatigue during a fight drops to zero, the character in name will collapse from exhaustion thus, one must manage themselves carefully.

    Skills (Secondary Statistics)

    Every primary stat will effect your skills and Weapon skills, the amount by which is dependent and still work in progress. However, we have decided for skills that for each point into the corresponding primary stat of a skill, you will receive a plus +5 to the corresponding skill.  This means if you have 5 intelligence, you'll do 5x5 to get 25.    So, Skills such as engineering, lore, first aid and intuition will start off with 25/100 points into it.  

    Weapon Skills

    For two-handed weapons, simply give a +5 to the corrosponding points in your relevant skills.  So for example a 2 handed sword is (STR) based.  There for you must take (Str x 5)  to get the result of your initial skill.

    For One handed weapons, you'll take two of the corrosponding skills, add them then divide by 2. ("STRx5=#A" "AGIx5=#B"  "#A+#B=#C" "#C divided by 2 = Final skill number"

    Same action goes for Projectile weapons and Bows


    Some Armour will give you buffs to your character depending on if they're enchanted or not.  Armour will also weigh down your character.  As a result it is important to select Armour that is suitable to your character.  Your character is not bound by a weight limit, however if a character is wearing Armour that is too heavy, he will loose the ability to dodge attacks, this will also influence character abilities.

    So far, Armour value is known as DT (Damage Threshold), DT is also a weight calculation.  We have decided that to wear a piece of Armour AND have the right to dodge an attack, your strength must be greater then that of 25% the value of the DT value.  This means if your strength is 4 and you want to wear Armour that gives you 20 DT, you will be unable to dodge any attacks as you're too weak to wear the weight behind the Armour and thus must rely on other means of taking no damage.

    If a characters strength is 50% above that of Armour DT, the character is entitled to a Plus+2 agility during combat, this is to give buff to lighter and more agile characters and actually provide a reason to dodge and wear less Armour, if a persons Strength is 75% above that of the Armour DT, he is then entitled to +3 agility during combat.  There is no further benefits after that.


    Every weapon will have a description of damage value.  By that, this means some weapons will simply be more effective then other weapons.  We call this value the ATK value (Attack)

    The Attack value determines how effective the weapon is at harming a target.   Simply put, the higher the value, the more effective it is against Armour.  ATK value like Armour also delivers weight to the part of body attached to.  There for, simply add the ATK value to your DT value specific to that region of your body.    

    In summery, this means if you are someone who is wearing nearly no Armour at all and expect to be a character who runs around naked with a huge Zwi-hander, dodging isn't going to be effective.  (Sorry Steven)


    Important notification

    If a player has not made a character sheet nor' wants to.  Do not worry, the only benefit you loose is the ability to determine your extra +4 stat points you can assign  to your character.    This means, if you choose to be a human, you will still get racial bonuses and will have a pre-determined fixed primary statistics.

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