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    Euro's App

    Post by Spooky Tanuki on Fri Sep 09, 2016 12:09 am

    Steam name: Piney Tanuki(Euro)  - This changes but its usually this or Spooky Tanuki(Euro)

    Character name?: Alkwin Aerith

    What you're applying for?: Blacksmith

    What do you know about this profession?: A blacksmith is someone whom creates things or items out of metal by hitting and bending them into shape over a course of time, often having to reheat the item to continuously manipulate it. Blacksmiths can make such things as swords, axe heads, hammer heads, maces, arrow tips and other metal based melee weapon. Though they can also make stuff like plate armor, chain mail and even every day stuff like spikes, horse shoes and the likes. Other then creating items, they can also repair or reinforce things or items of interest.


    How would this character have learned this profession?: Alkwin grown up on a farm to the north. His mother tended the farm while his father worked a forge near the front of the farm which acted as an addition form of income for the family to survive. While Alkwins younger siblings worked the fields, Alkwin spent time with his father, helping out around the forge and tending to any customers that stopped by on their journeys. In the process, his father taught him some basics like how to create nails, horse shoes, arrow tips and the likes. At the age of 20, he learned how to take commissions from the adventures while his father was on hunts, fixing up swords or even creating new ones.

    RP example of making a simple tool or item with said profession?:

    Making the blade:

    *Alkwin Aerith takes a seat upon his wooden chair, yawning out lightly as he glanced at the different people wondering the streets. turning back to his forge as the blade he had sitting half inside begins to glow a golden orange of sorts. Turning as he begins to lift up, he'd grab his metal pliers from the tool holder that rested around the rim of his anvil.*

    *Alkwin Aerith lifting up from his seat, he'd take his time walking over to the forge. Lowering down to abit of a kneel, he'd clamp down upon the metal slab with his pliers before pulling them out of the heated forge. Turning, he'd quickly slip his hammer out from the tool wall with a gloved hand and move swiftly to the anvil.*

    *Alkwin Aerith lifts the hammer up, bringing it abit higher then shoulder level before bringing it down on the blade. Hammering it into shape, he'd start from near the tang would be and go up, flattening it out on both the flat side and near the edges to thin it out and push the material up, making the blade longer. Lifting up as the glow fades, he'd bring it back to the forge to reheat it*

    (Basically repeating that without much variants other then straightening the blade along with clinching the blade to make it harder )

    *Alkwin Aerith pulls the blade out from the forge once more with his gloved hands handling the pliers, leaving him to turn once more carefully. Moving swiftly to the anvil once more, he'd begin to work on the tang. With the lower, begining bit of the blade being glowing orange, he'd place it down on the anvil and begin bringing his hammer down upon it. Switching from side to side, he'd thin it out to make room for the handle, cross guard and pummel. Though, maksing sure to make abit of a long piece at the end.*

    *Alkwin begins to sit back once more, leaving him to examine the thin rapier or thrusting oriented type blade he just created. Gently ripping his chin with a gloved hand, he couldn't help but admire his little work of art. Though none the less, he'd lift up from his seat and move to another. But this one being the one to the grinding. Kicking his feet up onto the peddles, he'd begin to run the grindstone, rev'ing it up to speed before lifting the blade up by the tang. Running the blade along the grindstone, he'd keep his fingers on the flat opposite edge and make sure they were out of the way of the grind stone. Beveling the edge into shape, he'd soon do the same to the opposite.*

    *Once done, Alkwin tilts the blade to the side slightly as he begins to do a little bit of touch ups on the tip, making sure its as fine as possible before lefting up and moving to his bench. Sitting down up on it with his legs on either side, he'd lean over the side as he rests the blade on the bench. Reaching out, he'd grab his wet stone and a tankard of water and bring it infront of him. Setting up the wet stone infront of him on the bench, he'd begin to pour some of the water across the wet stone, making sure its evenly spread.*

    *Alkwin then sets the tankard aside and takes up the crafted blade, bringing it up before beginning to run the tip half of the blade along it, making sure that the edge was very fine near the tip and gradually got dull near the hilt. Gently brushing the tip of his thumb against it to test its edge, he'd soon do the same to the other side, repeating the process with light scrapping sounds coming from the wet stone itself.*

    (I can continue with my character crafting the hand guard, pummel and then the handle before hammer fitting and peening the tang to the pummel. But, I think this should be enough. If you'd like me to go through the whole process of making the rapier/sword, I'll do it.)

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    Re: Euro's App

    Post by DeathwingHD on Fri Sep 09, 2016 12:43 am

    Looks good Accepted

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