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    Vacuo The Lost Soul



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    Vacuo The Lost Soul

    Post by Battlecreeper on Sat Sep 03, 2016 10:37 pm

    Level 1

    (Bounded to Sthenno, as he has consumed his soul for his own use. Has full control over Vacuo)

    Primary Stats

    Strength - 4/10
    Perception - 1/10
    Endurance - 3/10
    Charisma - 1/10
    Intelligence - 2/10
    Agility - 2/10
    Luck - 1/10
    Willpower - 1/10

    FATIGUE - 15/15 (Calculated from Endurance)
    RECOVERY - 0.5/0.5(Calculated through Will-power)


    Engineering(Int) - 10/100
    Lore (Int) - 10/100
    First Aid(Int) - 10/100
    Intuition(Int) - 10/100
    Dicipline (WP) - 5/100
    Charm(Cha) - 5/100
    Guile(Cha) - 5/100
    Resilience(End) - 15/100
    Athletics(Str) - 20/100
    Intimidate(Str) - 20/100
    Stealth(AG) - 10/100
    Skulduggery(AG) - 10/100

    Weapon Skills

    One-handed Swords (str) (AG) 15/100
    One-Handed Axes (str) (AG) 15/100
    One-Handed Hammer (STR) (AG) 15/100
    Two-handed Swords (STR) 20/100
    Two-handed Axes (STR) 20/100
    Two-Handed Hammer (STR) 20/100
    Daggers (AG) 10/100
    Staffs (AG) 10/100
    Shields (STR) 20/100

    Bows (AG) (PER) 7/5/100
    Muskets (AG) (PER) 7.5/100

    Patch Work - 15 DT - Body is naturally more damage taking


    Patch Work |Passive| : Disease : The patch work is a living corpse, and is able to cause passive damage to those who near him or attempt to Dammage him, causes some unholy damage and maybe sickness

    Ability name|What it does|Level

    |When in Ghost Form|-|Ghost Walk|Can walk through solid objectives at will, includes people. When walking through people they feel a cool chill through their entire body|Level 1


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    Re: Vacuo The Lost Soul

    Post by Battlecreeper on Mon Sep 05, 2016 3:11 pm

    When my character never gets updated. And my pic changed to this

    Rem chan

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    Re: Vacuo The Lost Soul

    Post by Rem chan on Mon Sep 05, 2016 4:09 pm

    Updated Stats/Ability/Equipment that was forgotten when accepted


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    Re: Vacuo The Lost Soul

    Post by Battlecreeper on Thu Sep 08, 2016 6:50 pm

    Andrey McCallow says "Alright.."
    Lost Soul says "You have done well, mortal."
    Andrey McCallow says "Thank you."
    Andrey McCallow says "Darkness is my ally always."
    Lost Soul says "Take my hand, mortal. Embrace the power of darkness"
    **Lost Soul he extends his right blood belly hand towards the man
    [LOOC] Andrey McCallow: I hope you wont eat me
    [LOOC] Andrey McCallow: right?
    [LOOC] Lost Soul: Nah it wont do shit if i eat people
    [LOOC] Lost Soul: If it regenerated me or some shit i would do it but it wont so i wont do it
    **Andrey McCallow Comes closer to the creature raises his hand up and grabs his hand.

    Lost Soul has now a average mortal soul in his possession.

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    Re: Vacuo The Lost Soul

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