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    Strange Abandoned Fort



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    Strange Abandoned Fort

    Post by jray on Fri Sep 02, 2016 7:07 pm

    A strange abandoned fortress seems to lay out in the distance far past the forest and other encampments. It seems be built on-top of the hill and has been there for some time. It has spikes and walls laid around it and seems to be battle-torned. Commoners around say that it has been awhile for some time but it is unknown what happen to the thriving group that once lived inside it. Some say beast took it over, some say a dragon lies inside, everyone has theories. All people who seemed to go find answers have never came back. It is unknown what lays inside or controls it for now.

    Inhabitants :: Lord Sthenno,  Reeves, Eriia, "Lost Soul", Dromeus Perec, Tarsh, Leo Maurice

    Banished :: Lady Maltise

    Deceased : Merek Jr 'Roland'

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