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    Alma's Enchanting Logs


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    Alma's Enchanting Logs

    Post by Joslav on Thu Sep 01, 2016 2:15 am

    Tarsh's Axe

    *Almalexia Drags the axe out in the middle of the floor, being unable to lay it on the enchanting table due to the size of the weapon

    *Almalexia Runs her index finger down the side of the axe-blade, leaning in to examine the surface-area

    *Almalexia takes several steps back, taking a deep breathe and straightening her back, cracking her neck, and finally raising her palms at chest level. She begins to close her eyes and recite several words under her breathe, parting her lips briefly then humming out softly

    *Almalexia Begins leaning over the large weapon, humming out a slight-bit louder, clenching her hands into fists, then back into palms again as light-blue essence begins emanating from her palms. She runs her left hand over the blade, slightly hovering over it and not touching it.

    *Almalexia Hovers both of her hands over the axe-blade, gulping quickly with her eyes closed- continuing the task.

    **The Axe blade begins glowing a light orange glow, before bursting into flames on the floor- Almalexia winces at this, feeling the heat slightly touch her hands. The Flames slowly subside around the blade, leaving a light luming orange color on the blade as she steps back with a smirk on her face

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