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    Graham Maxwell, the wanna be cultist


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    Graham Maxwell, the wanna be cultist

    Post by Spookz on Wed Aug 31, 2016 7:28 pm

    Graham Maxwell
    Level 3


    Primary Stats

    Strength - 3/10
    Perception - 2/10
    Endurance - 1/10
    Charisma - 2/10
    Intelligence - 2/10
    Agility - 3/10
    Luck - 3/10
    Willpower - 3/10

    FATIGUE - 5
    RECOVERY - 1.5


    Engineering(Int) - 10/100
    Lore (Int) - 10/100 (What does Lore do?)
    First Aid(Int) - 10/100
    Intuition(Int) - 10/100
    Discipline (WP) - 15/100
    Charm(Cha) - 10/100
    Guile(Cha) - 10/100
    Resilience(End) - 5/100
    Athletics(Str) - 5/100
    Intimidate(Str) - 5/100
    Stealth(AG) - 15/100
    Skulduggery(AG) - 15/100 (What is this supposed to be?)

    Weapon Skills

    One-handed Swords (str) (AG)
    One-Handed Axes (str) (AG) 10/100
    One-Handed Hammer (STR) (AG) 10/100
    Two-handed Swords (STR) 5/100
    Two-handed Axes (STR) 5/100
    Two-Handed Hammer (STR) 5/100
    Daggers (AG) 15/100
    Staffs (AG) 15/100
    Shields (STR) 5/100

    Bows (AG) (PER) 20/100
    Muskets (AG) (PER) 10/100

    Potato Sack Mask
    - 1DT
    Black leather jacket (With hood) - 2DT
    Black leather pants - 2DT
    Brown leather shoes - 1DT
    Iron Dagger - 3AT - 0.100 KG
    Light leather chest piece -3DT
    Crossbow - 6AT - 0.550 KG
    Leather Glove - 3DT - 0.100 KG
    Leather Pants - 4DT - 1.350 KG
    2 Full Light Leather Arm - 6DT - 0.600 K


    Lvl 1
    Lvl 2|Kritz flee| In a moment of rage/panic/adrenaline he will gain one agility and strength for 3 turns
    Lvl 3|Guards Training| Adds one point to Strength |Passive|

    None yet.

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    Döner Meat

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    Re: Graham Maxwell, the wanna be cultist

    Post by Döner Meat on Wed Aug 31, 2016 8:44 pm

    First 1 in every stat, and then the racial bonus, +1 int, +1 char, +2 will and then the 4 extra stat points

    Rem chan

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    Re: Graham Maxwell, the wanna be cultist

    Post by Rem chan on Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:35 pm

    Lvl'd up from a lot of training. Gained One point in Perception and gained the ability |Kritz flee| In a moment of rage/panic/adrenaline he will gain one agility and strength for 3 turns. As well as gaining 10 points in bows because he trained with his bow

    Proof- : Graham Maxwell says "Hey iron man."
    Dain Oakfist says "Graham."
    Graham Maxwell says "Wanna get yourself worked out?"
    **Dain Oakfist would look up at the sun before looking back down with a nod. He would then spin the sword in his hand before sheathing it on his back
    Dain Oakfist says "Lead on."
    Graham Maxwell says "It's really bad to keep your sword in the back man."
    **Dain Oakfist would sigh before pulling both his sword and shield out
    Graham Maxwell says "I always keep a sword rested on my arm and shoulder with the side."
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: when u unarmed and u walking in teh wilderness
    Dain Oakfist says "Well I have no need of that up here."
    [OOC] De Fuzzington Bear: rip
    [OOC] SpookyMan: You're asking for rape.
    [OOC] De Fuzzington Bear: should have asked me to come as well
    Graham Maxwell says "You might."
    Requesting texture value from var "$basetexture" which is not a texture value (material: pac3_urltex_3024906587)
    Graham Maxwell says "Also."
    Graham Maxwell says "If we see any beastman."
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: was just a previous event that i did. lmao
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: beastmen*
    [OOC] De Fuzzington Bear: who did I just see bunnyhop up the stairs Very Happy
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: a wizard
    Graham Maxwell says "Should we engage? I mean.. their assholes, no questcion, but we gotta keep our heads where they are if we wanna protect the town."
    [OOC] De Fuzzington Bear: lol
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: they're*
    SpookyMan: Dain Oakfist says "We will engage if they are a threat."
    Graham Maxwell says "They're always a threat."
    Graham Maxwell says "Wait a bit."
    Graham Maxwell says "Stranger."
    Graham Maxwell says "I have a job for you."
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: when u need motivation
    YouTube video SQoA_wjmE9w: "Darude Astley - Sandroll"
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: whoops, wrong one
    Graham Maxwell says "Keep an eye out for anything strange, and if there are any threats try your best to keep them away from this place."
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: You just told a peasant to do your job
    Graham Maxwell says "You think you can do this?"
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: lol
    [OOC] Dr Danny DeVito: Can i hava da tp outta the guild plz?
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: We're handing jobs
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: So people earn money, plus the captain said this is one of the jobs.
    [4"8 ft tall | Dwarf | Brown beard | S...] says "Aye. Do I need to guard the entrances to the town? Or somewhere more important?"
    [OOC] Neo: I'm not sure if there's any admins on currently.
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Ya know theres IC guards right
    [OOC] Dr Danny DeVito: SON OF A BETCH
    Graham Maxwell says "No lad, just be sure nobody gets shanked."
    [4"8 ft tall | Dwarf | Brown beard | S...] says "Alright."
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: whats a betch?
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: And they're how many? 2? Ic guards?
    [LOOC] Bronn Ironhammer: dain stfu dont lose me my job
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: xD
    [OOC] Dr Danny DeVito: BIEATCH
    Graham Maxwell says "We'll be on our way."
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: ICly there are a bunch of guards
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Niggah
    SpookyMan: There are cuts here and there
    SpookyMan: We had two major breaks.
    SpookyMan: one where I had to kick some dwarf out of the town and pay him for the job.
    SpookyMan: And one where we were trying to figure out the Roll rp
    SpookyMan: Since we though we did it all wrong
    SpookyMan: [LOOC] Bronn Ironhammer: so hold on
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: so that means ur gay?
    [LOOC] Bronn Ironhammer: I just patrol
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: If there are so many guards
    [LOOC] Bronn Ironhammer: right?
    [OOC] Dr Danny DeVito: What are you fucking gay?
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Yes, or just look around
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: if ya want
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Back to Dain.
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Niggah
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: less gay than u atleast
    [LOOC] Bronn Ironhammer: alright
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: if there are so many guards
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Why the fuck do we have Mel as one?
    [OOC] Neo: Admin please tp Olaf on DIS DICK
    [OOC] Dr Danny DeVito: Nawt passible
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Because we're desperate.
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: We have Mel because extra cannon fodder
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: your a gay dwarf.
    [OOC] De Fuzzington Bear: wauw
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: how is it not possible+
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: No cannons sadly
    [OOC] De Fuzzington Bear: how dare you
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: We might get a catapult in the future.
    [OOC] Dr Danny DeVito: Fock u m8
    [OOC] Neo: I love riding gay dwarves with no protection
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Its fine, if a troll attacks use him as a shield
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: well, first off little bois, i dare a lot.
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: what are you, fucking funny?
    [OOC] De Fuzzington Bear: how dare you, I am a dwarf and proud
    SpookyMan: [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: I was speaking to olaf gaymark
    [OOC] De Fuzzington Bear: ahh kk
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: not bronn ironfister
    Graham Maxwell says "Geez."
    Graham Maxwell says "It's pretty fucking late."
    [OOC] Dr Danny DeVito: Your name sounds like a insect with tourrets you dunder cunt
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Let's just go there
    Dain Oakfist says "You should not have taken so long then."
    [OOC] De Fuzzington Bear: ill fist you right in the pussy
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: sounds gay nuff
    Graham Maxwell says "Damn, you're slow."
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: my name is more unique than 'olaf' atleast Smile
    Dain Oakfist says "I am in armour."
    Graham Maxwell says "True."
    [OOC] Dr Danny DeVito: So is terminal five, does not help
    [OOC] V E O V I S: also impossible to pronounce.
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: Just like my steam name Wink
    Graham Maxwell says "So, should I help you train in sword play or do you wanna be my moving target first?"
    [OOC] De Fuzzington Bear: By the way, how does combat work in this game?
    Dain Oakfist says "Let's start with you hitting the still targets. Just so I know you won't miss."
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: btw we have to save this rp
    [OOC] Dr Danny DeVito: It does not
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: I know
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: it's play to logic, fam.
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: How far am I from the targets now?
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Like
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: 25-30 meters?
    **Dain Oakfist would place his shield down by the torch as he sticks his sword in the ground and leans on the handle.
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: I'd say 30
    SpookyMan: **Graham Maxwell pulls out his crossbow, taking the cord and puttig it over the safety, afterwards pulling out a bolt from the pouch on his lower back, loading it up carefuly and then getting in a shooting stance, taking aim at the targets.
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: I will probably get a pac where I have the crossbow in my right hand
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Kk
    **Dain Oakfist would continue to stand behind Graham as he watches the target
    **Graham Maxwell would carefully take aim and then take a deep breath, holding it.... afterwards taking a shoot at the right target.... and....
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: I have 10 out of 100
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: At all ranged
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: So like, I aint done the combat system yet
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Do you /roll 100
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: And try get like... something within 10?
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: So it's probably going to be miss or barely hit.
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Hmm perhaps, are there any admins on?
    [OOC] SpookyMan: Any admins on?
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: doubtfully
    [OOC] SpookyMan: Kay, I'll sort it out I guess.
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Yeah I guess that's a good way to put it.
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: So I have to get something betwen 1-10
    Graham Maxwell has rolled 60.
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: We'll get told it later after posting
    **as It seems it didn't hit, missing pretty badly, and hitting the wall behind the targets.
    Graham Maxwell says "Well turd."
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: well, turd*
    **Dain Oakfist would turn his attention to the arrow in the wall before looking back at the target
    **It's a bolt.
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: *Bolt
    **Graham Maxwell reloads his crossbow again, putting the cord back on the safety and then getting another bolt, placing it carefully in the shooting device. He'd then take the shooting stance.
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Hold up have to safe all of this stuff
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Mhm
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: you should too, idk
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: back
    SpookyMan: Oh betwen.
    SpookyMan: I fucked up a few mes
    SpookyMan: I did them at first person
    SpookyMan: I tried to re-correct, but the sin was done.
    SpookyMan: **Graham Maxwell takes a deep breath and then holds it, pulling the trigger, making the device go off. He aimed at the target in the right, but would it be a well placed shot?*
    Graham Maxwell has rolled 86.
    **He would hit! Though he hit the target in the left, on the blue circle.
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: I thought that was a miss?
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: though the bolt hit*
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: it was a miss
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: I was aiming for the right target
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Oh
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: And I hit the left
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: btw
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Re-pac
    Graham Maxwell says "You think that counts?"
    Dain Oakfist says "Were you aiming for the left target?"
    MDLCache: Ashe's Bow.mdl needs to be recompiled
    Graham Maxwell says "Ney...."
    [OOC] Battlecreeper: When I have done art
    Dain Oakfist says "Well... if it was a battle there could have been two people side by side."
    [OOC] Battlecreeper: I wonder, if I can ICly change my camou colour...since im a lizard and I fit to my surroundings like those...big eye...thingys...that can change colours...I forgot their name.
    [OOC] De Fuzzington Bear: just got screamed by a guard for not knowing from the two guards who gave me the job... GG Guards, yer shirt
    Melanhius Devixus says "The hell?"
    Melanhius Devixus says "You aren't supposed to protect city?"
    [OOC] De Fuzzington Bear: shit*
    Dain Oakfist says "Evenin'."
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: rip shirt
    Dain Oakfist says "There is more guards than just us."
    Melanhius Devixus says "And you pay for dwarf? Demihumans aren't even allowed here."
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: hey oh, *sorry i been gone for so long, had some famrly stuff to do* how is every one?
    **Graham Maxwell sighs and reloads his crossbow, re-doing this task, over and over again, exercising for now an hour. As it turns out, as much as I'd try, the bolts would be hitting the wall or the target that I wasn't aiming at. Soon though it would seem like I'd do better, just slightly better.
    [LOOC] Melanhius Devixus: Yo
    SpookyMan: **Graham Maxwell sighs and reloads his crossbow, re-doing this task, over and over again, exercising for now an hour. As it turns out, as much as I'd try, the bolts would be hitting the wall or the target that I wasn't aiming at. Soon though it would seem like I'd do better, just slightly better.
    [LOOC] Melanhius Devixus: You realise if something will happen IC by player you will have to react for that
    [OOC] Battlecreeper: Rape
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: pretty dead.
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Not always
    [LOOC] Melanhius Devixus: Not always?
    [LOOC] Melanhius Devixus: of course always
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: since it doesn't involves him
    [LOOC] Melanhius Devixus: you see scoreboard?
    SpookyMan: Sorry lost the count
    Rem Chan: Is that it?
    SpookyMan: [OOC] Hollowspartan: so, same daly news, rape, kill, or normal day
    [LOOC] Melanhius Devixus: too many of demihumans
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: What?
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: So?
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: No no, just empty.
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: So what?
    Melanhius Devixus says "Guys."
    Melanhius Devixus says "You can't pay for demihumans."
    Dain Oakfist says "./Even if we were at the city what good will it be?"
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: looc that

    Then we head a break because some other guard needed me.

    **Graham Maxwell takes the bolts, which would be more than two, and he'd put them back in his pouch, while he'd ask "So... the sword play?"
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: third person
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: what about it?
    Dain Oakfist says "Aye, let's get on eith it."
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: *wth
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: fml
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: well, beastmen, hope you like the plan, the bandits did alot of work there befor that dread lord took it
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: *place*
    Graham Maxwell says "I'll get us two wodden swords."
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: well.. erhm I know what happend to the bandits
    Graham Maxwell says "Do you wanna keep the armour on and the shield?"
    SpookyMan: Nah
    Rem Chan: Jeez
    SpookyMan: [PAC] Invalid model models/dawnguardd/weapon_dwarven_dwarvenstaffcrystal.mdl
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: ya, i Heard as well,
    **Dain Oakfist would take the shield off his arm with a grunt before placing it down by the tent with the sword on top
    Dain Oakfist says "Armour."
    **Graham Maxwell asks while aproching the tent, searching inside for two wodden swords, shortly after taking them and burrying the tip of one close to Dain, so it would be stuck in the ground and not fall down.*
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: This looks close enough to wood
    **Dain Oakfist would wrap his hand around the wooden sword in the ground before pulling it out and positioning himself with the sword in both hands
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: as no elves have been been seen, i shall try and find what they call 'beastmen' these fags are unpredictably stupid like rocks.
    [OOC] Neo: And love to rape pussy
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: I won't pac that.
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Cuz fuck it
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: also save the rp
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: shut up, this is my hunting log now.
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Yeah I just made the quick stance while you were gone
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Lord Captain Sindel Latcherie to You: What? You want to Logic play or Roll? [OOC] V E O V I S: gonna head off momentarily, as a friend wants to do stuff with me, see you guys later.You to Lord Captain Sindel Latcherie: We can logic play? [OOC] Scottman0: Gonna head off for a while, cya guys. Also, cya Sotark. [OOC] Hollowspartan: stuff?? [OOC] Hollowspartan: ok mate, see yaLord Captain Sindel Latcherie to You: I advise you can just Logic play, Logicplay is above every other kind or RP here
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: ?
    [OOC] Battlecreeper: Is madcombat on ?
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: We can logic play
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: ded
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Which means we did everything good
    [OOC] Döner Meat: Nope, Birthday party
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Oh
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: so u cant wish him happy bday
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: let me get
    SpookyMan: [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: let me get the last me
    SpookyMan: [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: **Graham Maxwell suddenly attempts to lunge at Dain, trying to impale him with the tip of the sword, extending his whole body towards him.
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: I dont see the point in adding a DND like system if it wont be implemented
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Alright, go roll
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: We don't have to roll
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Fuck sake
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Let's just logic play for the love of god
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: I'm more agile, you're more stronger I think
    You to Lord Captain Sindel Latcherie: You have to promise you'll teach me that rolling stuff tomorow.
    **Dain Oakfist would swing his sword quickly to hit his blade past himself. He would back up again afterwards to get some distance.
    **Graham Maxwell aproches him getting very close when starting to grind his sword over his, as harsh as he can.
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: attempting to at least
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: What stats do you have
    **Dain Oakfist would quickly switch his sword on the inside, giving him the chance to shoulder barge him back again.
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: let's just follow the stats
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: sounds fun
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: Nice Razz
    [OOC] Döner Meat: W0t
    [OOC] Rem Chan: Jk
    SpookyMan: [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: 2 strength and like 3 endurance and 2 agility. Or maybe its 1 agility
    [OOC] Neo: I filmed it al
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: look it up?
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Strength - 1/10Perception - 1/10Endurance - 1/10Charisma - 2/10Intelligence - 2/10Agility - 3/10Luck - 3/10Willpower - 3/10
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: 2 agility
    **Graham Maxwell gets sended back, and sighs when crouching lightly down while backing off.
    **Dain Oakfist would attempt to swing his sword against his from the inside in order to move it out of the way, allowing Dain to kick him to the floor
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: You could probably just roll out of the way or something cause agl
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: How do you mean from the inside?
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Like, we're in the middle and if our sword and pointing towards each other, one will be more or less on the inside whilst someones elses sword is on the other
    **Graham Maxwell I take off from there, while grabbing some dirt, dodging to the right, when throwing at the dirt at his face.*
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: You're still close to me though
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Yeah
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: come here?
    SpookyMan: **Dain Oakfist would lift his arm up to his face after the dirt collides but for protection swings his sword across the stomach area to keep him at bay
    **Graham Maxwell would rush at him, when parrying the sword with his, attempting to crush into him and force him down, though it would be most likely that I only bump him lightly.*
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Third person
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Damn it
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: that Graham would only bump him lightly*
    **Dain Oakfist would quickly swing his arm which was covering his face towards Graham's shoulder. He would attempt to move him away whilst he shook his head for the dirt still trapped in the slit of his helmet to fall out
    **The visor would be pretty hard to clean up.
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Its only dirt mate
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: gotta go, see ya'll
    **Graham Maxwell grinds his teeth as he gets pushed back when swinging the sword at the arm that Dain pushes Graham.
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: cya
    [OOC] Döner Meat: Buhbai
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: ok mate
    SpookyMan: [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: I'd probably also stumble down.
    **Dain Oakfist would take the hit to the arm as the rest of the dirt falls out of the slit. Once his vision was back he would quickly swing back towards Graham's side
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Yeah but im only on about the parts actually in the slit
    **Graham Maxwell tries to block, though his own sword would hit him as he growls a "Shit..." and tries to roll to the left before Dain would attempt to hit him again.
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Im gonna be heading on cs in a bit
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: I'll be going in bed in a bit too, let's just finish this match and call it quits.
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: kk
    **Dain Oakfist would kick Graham onto his back as he got to his side then quickly attempts to jab the sword down into his chest while he is down
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: How would you kick me on my back? I was rolling off.
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: What would you hit to make me stumble on my back?
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Well whatever you would be on after the kick
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Hey dawg
    [LOOC] Knight 'Rem': Yo
    SpookyMan: [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Can I bang you?
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Remy babes!
    [LOOC] Knight 'Rem': Naw
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Dang
    [LOOC] Knight 'Rem': Very Happy
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: I would've paid 2 silver coins
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: but kk
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: jk
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: I wanted it for free
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: cuz I'm a edgy kid
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: btw
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: You would attempt to kick me, right?
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Yeah so can we finish this so my friends stop bitching?
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: yeah
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: then jab if down
    **Graham Maxwell would bash his leg with the sword, making Dain lose balance, and then attempt to force himself up, trying to push Dain down.
    [LOOC] Knight 'Rem': Bye
    [OOC] SpookyMan: Bye dawg
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: you bang remy in cs:go?
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: lmao
    **Dain Oakfist would fall to his knee but as he does he would grab Graham's sword and attempts to swing down his own sword onto his chest
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: yeah
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: with an awp
    SpookyMan: [OOC] Mr.Banana: sweet dreams are made of screams ~Jeff
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: right im leaving cause they are about to start playing
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Niggah, how did you fell on your knees, when I tried to push you?
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: kay
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: You win
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: bye
    SpookyMan: That's it

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    Re: Graham Maxwell, the wanna be cultist

    Post by DeathwingHD on Fri Sep 09, 2016 7:39 pm

    Graham Maxwell says "So crossbow?"
    Dain Oakfist says "Aye, go on."
    Graham Maxwell says "You wanna try too?"
    Dain Oakfist says "I'm no archer."
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: nah..
    Graham Maxwell says "I'm no warrior either, but I'm still welding a sword when I train with you."
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: and i am back, well, sets see what will happen today. betting the shit hitting the fan
    Dain Oakfist says "You still need sword training just incase you need to get close and personal."
    [OOC] Piney Tanuki (Euro): Probably everyone dying
    **Graham Maxwell sighs and aproches the targets slightly, having a aproxemativly 30 meters distance betwen himself and the objects.
    Graham Maxwell says "Not like you wouldn't need to weld a crossbow in case of a besiage."
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: we all love dying Smile
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: well, i be safe here, so that meens i got to fix graves for every one then :/
    Dain Oakfist says "I have a shield for advancing."
    [OOC] Piney Tanuki (Euro): Such is life as a grave keeper
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: true
    SpookyMan: [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: Such is thee job of a grave tender.
    **Graham Maxwell pulls out his crossbow, carefully putting the cord over the safety and then inserting the bolt inside of it. All of this would be followed with Graham taking aim at the targets, and then he'd attempt to shoot the right sided target.
    [OOC] Piney Tanuki (Euro): When you give that floor a gud ol rubb.
    **Graham Maxwell takes the shoot, the bolt being sent off flying, and.... hit! Though it would be a pretty weak shoot, hitting on the last line of white, almost missing, more training is required as it seems.
    Graham Maxwell says "I think I'm starting to get better at it."
    **Dain Oakfist would nod as he watches the target, "Seems like it."
    **Graham Maxwell leaves out a chuckle and looks over to his crossbow, reloading the device and then taking aim at the left sided target.
    **Graham Maxwell would then proceed to take a deep breath and hold it, after a few moments pulling the trigger, which would make the device go off, and so, the bolt would be sent to the target though... it would miss, hitting the wall.
    Graham Maxwell says "Well turds."
    **Dain Oakfist would chuckle s=quietly under his helmet, "Still better than last time."
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: *quietly
    SpookyMan: **Graham Maxwell nods hearing his words, but not the chuckle, loading his crossbow again, by pulling the cord back, behind the safety and then attaching another bolt to it. Taking aim at the same left sided target.
    **Graham Maxwell prepares himself, taking a deep breath and holding it, when crouching down for more steadiness... After that his bolt would've almost hit the target, seeming to have missed with a few milimeters.
    Dain Oakfist says "Would a bow be easier to use?"
    **Graham Maxwell sighs disappointed, when starting to continue his exercise, shooting a bolt after another, taking his time with each and everyone, as he tries his best on having the best accuracy he can have.
    **He'd exercise for an hour, the results being slightly better then how he used to shoot, perhaps twice as better.*
    **Graham Maxwell holsters his crossbow carefully, with the cord off the safety as he turns around slowly and looks over to the warrior/guard when he says "I guess this will do. I will be away taking my bolts, you prepare the sword and get ready."
    **Dain Oakfist would be brushing off dirt from his sword before looking up confused as if he stopped paying attention the last few minutes of his training, "Hm?"
    **Graham Maxwell points with his dagger over to the tends when he says "Sword play. Now."
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: tents*
    SpookyMan: **Dain Oakfist would nod before picking his sword up
    **Graham Maxwell starts pulling the bolts out of the targets, our from the dirt and the wall, attempting to not break them.
    **Graham Maxwell finishes collecting his bolts, putting them in his pouch of bolts, in his lower back, and then head off to Dain.
    **Dain Oakfist would walk into the tent and takes out two wooden training swords before dropping his own off by the tent entrance. As he walks back out he would toss one towards Graham
    **Graham Maxwell pulls out his crossbow and dagger putting them over to the tent, leaned on it.
    **Dain Oakfist would position himself through his footwork before raising his sword in defence
    [PAC] Transmitting outfit (4.25 KB)
    [PAC3] Your part my outfit has been applied.
    [PAC] Transmitting outfit (4.25 KB)
    [PAC3] Your part my outfit has been applied.
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Fuck it
    SpookyMan: [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: xD
    **Graham Maxwell prepares himself, playing with the sword's handle betwen his finger's while slowly walking around Dain, like in a circle.*
    **Dain Oakfist would wait for Graham to get near the side of him before turning with him. As he turnded to face Graham again he would move forward and go for a jab towards his chest
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: so, just done eatting my food, what have i missed?
    **Graham Maxwell doges swiftly to the right when he attempts to hit Dain in the arm , using his sword.
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: A Dragon attacked Dradena and became king
    **Dain Oakfist would swing his sword back from the direction of his jab in order to hit Graham's sword to the side. As he did so he would swing the sword over his head from the swing due to the momentum then goes to hit Graham in the shoulder
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: how
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: magic
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: Yeah like... it burst out of the mountain the started to burn fire down on the town
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: It ate Graham
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: .......
    SpookyMan: [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: Yeah.. i must say he was a brave potato man
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: He was the MVP with that crossbow up until then
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: yea
    **Graham Maxwell would try his best to block it, succeding but forcing him to stumble when he growls and attempts to rush at him, in an attempt to lunge the sword at his face.*
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: well.....dang, good thing i was at my grave yard then, whats the dragon doing now?
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: something in the palace.
    **Dain Oakfist would duck under the swing and steps back for distance but due to his armour it would take him time allowing Graham to take another attack
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Duck?
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: You swung didnt you?
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: what type of dragon was it?
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Oh lunge
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: Ice or something
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: plsu
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: I think
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Water and heavy armour
    SpookyMan: [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: it was black.
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: It looked blue
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: How strong are you?
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Ah
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: Ah
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: My textures are screwed then
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: so.......aka death wing just took up the town, great
    Dain Oakfist says "3 strength"
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: Yeah.. it kinda looks like dark blue, actually..
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: Oh well, I died
    [OOC] SpookyMan: Never seen the dragon? Did he took the castle while I was offline?
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: YTOU FUC
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: ik
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: i was AT my grave yard, the more dark and safe place on the land,
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: so how many died?
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: You'll be burying a few
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: idk,
    [OOC] SpookyMan: Oh shit niggah, not going to the castle.
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: Im pretty sure a few peasents died IC
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: so the dragon just killed everyone at the town? or attack people who attacked him?
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: lemme redo /me
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: you gonna re-correct or?
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: It just went on a rampage
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: Yeah.. the castle is filled with seemingly to be corpse stacks of whatever the dragon has.
    [OOC] SpookyMan: I think he tries to get the treasure from the castle.
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: well, IC i dont know this, i just sitting at my bornfire
    [OOC] SpookyMan: Cool
    SpookyMan: [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: remember to fill ur estus flaskes before adventuring!"
    **Dain Oakfist would grunt as he swings his sword to parry Graham's of to the side. He would then use his spare arm to shove him back for space
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: haha
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: I mean.. it is the graveyard. Its not to far from the warfare xD
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: There was a damn dragon breathing fire down on screaming people
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: The town is now a graveyard, I suppose..?
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: TRUE, but all my Charater can hear is just the dragon roar
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: Yep
    **Graham Maxwell Dain manges to parry my sword succesfully but his arm misses me, as I dodge, taking Dain from the middle of his torso and attempting to pick him up sligthly and then push him down.* (Of course I wouldn't be able.)
    [OOC] SpookyMan: I think he'll make it his layer or some shit
    [OOC] SpookyMan: I'm just watching from afar as I pissed myself.
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: so, if i do say, about 5-4 people died from that
    **Dain Oakfist would take a moment to watch him try his lift. He would then use his spare arm to grab his head (or the bag) to keep him in place as he attempts to jab him with the sword into his side
    [OOC] SpookyMan: Idk, I am not there, but I saw the dragon dropping a guy from the high skies near me.
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: how big was the dragon?
    [OOC] Piney Tanuki (Euro): Super big
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: oh shit, you meen like an old dragon big type?!
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: It had to tear down the barracks to get into the kep
    [OOC] SpookyMan: He's probably going to destoy the castle walls to enter the castle for the treasure.
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: *keep
    [OOC] SpookyMan: Oh shit
    SpookyMan: [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: 'treasure' Wink
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: Thats where I died
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: well, i be here, getting more graves readly for you all,
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: ok fam.
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: You'll also need to bury my hopes of a whore house xD
    **Graham Maxwell gets jabbed in the side when he grunts Punching his face and attempts to hit Dain with the sword into his underarm.
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: dont worry, the gear you guys have on your bodys may go to my loot box, *if there is any loot left on your body*
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: don't worry, make a deal with beastmen and we'll find some whores Wink
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: Depends if it aint broken or melted
    [OOC] SpookyMan: Idk if you'll be able to even get the corpses dude, the dragon might start patroling the place to get food.
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: true
    **Dain Oakfist would take the hit but then shoves Graham back to get some space between them again
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: The river will probably start running red
    **Graham Maxwell gets shoved off, when he backs off himself too, playing with the sword again when asking "Did I hit too hard? Hehe-ow...." I say while petting the place you hit me with the wodden sword as it been quite hard I presume (if not just avoid my moaning of pain.)*
    **Dain Oakfist would shrug before using his charge ability towards him
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Right so
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: All it says for the ability is that my next attack isstronger
    **Dain Oakfist would swing his sword towards Graham's chest as he charged towards him, no doubt going to hit due to the charge or knock him down if he blocked
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: mhm
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: But
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Wouldn't that be added in a roll rp
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: ?
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Dunno
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Abilties need to be calculated and all
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: All it says is that the next attack is stronger
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: Whoops, wrong chat
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: kay
    SpookyMan: [OOC] Hollowspartan: well looks like it be 6 bodys now Razz i wait for the dragon to leave to get the bodys and sets the graves
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: You never know, Lord Sindel might kill the dragaon then you'll need to bury that :p
    [OOC] Hollowspartan: oh SHIT, that be cool,
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: sindel is pro, he'll kill it easily with his racist remarks.
    [OOC] ItsOnlyReaper: He's like the Dragonborn, he'll just shout remarks to kill it
    **Graham Maxwell gets bashed down when he grunts and seems to leave out a obivious growl (Using my abilty too, Kritz flee, it would make me stronger and faster for three turns but this is logical rp so I'd probably just be slightly stronger (Not stronger than you) and way more faster)
    **Dain Oakfist would then stand next to him as he swings his sword down in an attempt to hit his chest
    Lord Paladin Isiliden Truthcaller has given Disciple Ozpin Ashwood 'pet' flags.
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: not really, it's his ways
    [OOC] implied futanari: anyone know the racial benefits for goblins?
    [OOC] Katojishifu Tokijikushikato: Like gnomes, I guess but more stupid
    [OOC] Madcombat: Promoted Disciple and a new disciple to take the place Smile
    [OOC] implied futanari: lord what are the goblin racialss benefits pls
    [OOC] Madcombat: Eternal Flame is doing well.
    **Graham Maxwell would doge when grabbing his arm and forcing himself up on it, attempting to lunge his arm and the sword as na extension right into his face all happening fast enough for you to have a small chance of doge.*
    [OOC] Madcombat: For a goblin?
    [OOC] implied futanari: yee
    [OOC] Oaker - Master of NEETS.: oh shit what do you know about that imported generic female face and hair
    [OOC] Madcombat: I'll write them fast Smile
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: so it's probably a 2v2 hits and there are 1 more each.
    YouTube video bzJDimvPW1Y: "[ThePruld] When you go dark souls with your best mates"
    **Dain Oakfist would lean his head forward to dodge the hit but due to the speed the sword would slash
    SpookyMan: **Dain Oakfist would lean his head forward to dodge the hit but due to the speed the sword would slash along the back of his helmet. He would then shoulder barge Graham after leaning his head forward in order to knock him back down form his lunge
    **Graham Maxwell gets headbutted to the ground, getting stunned.
    **Dain Oakfist would groan before swing his sword like a golf club with great force in order to hit Graham's sowrd and disarm him
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: *sword
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: Just hit me
    [LOOC] Dain Oakfist: Well you need to react to my last /me
    **Graham Maxwell would get his sword thrown off to the distance when looking over to Dain as he says "I yeild."*
    [LOOC] Graham Maxwell: to dain and says 'I yeild'
    [OOC] Madcombat: Time to play my lvl 1
    **Dain Oakfist would bring his sword back and gently taps his side with it before backing off
    [OOC] Oaker - Master of NEETS.: ima piss off for a bit, prolly sleep

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    Re: Graham Maxwell, the wanna be cultist

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