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    Jos's Enchanter App


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    Jos's Enchanter App

    Post by Joslav on Wed Aug 31, 2016 2:28 am

    Steam name: Jos

    Character name?: Almalexia Faergwethanir

    What you're applying for?: Enchanter

    What do you know about this profession?: It's a profession that utilizes the magic of calling upon already existing magical energy to enhance or otherwise "enchant" an item with specific properties, though is some cases; there can be a trade off to said enhancement. There are two ways to enchant an item, and it requires either 1: Utilizing your own mana/magical reservoir to leech raw energy from yourself and in return to imbue an item with a desired enhancement, obviously leaving the enchanter fatigued for a varied time. And finally 2: Utilizing the power from an already existing magical source to then transfer it to your desired item, and in the process "enchanting" said object with the desired enchantment. Of course the degree of the power in the enchantment can vary on several factors; 1: The skill of the mage, and 2: The degree of time and sweat put into a magical item. Making an enchantment can range from one day, to several weeks.


    How would this character have learned this profession?: My character has studied most- to all areas of arcane arts at her time in the noble court of House Faergwethanir under the Elven realm's high-tier educators. The only art she ever practiced- or atleast attempted was enchanting, All the other arts left her tired, hands burned, and or seeking professions that were not combat orientated. Her first attempt was to make Iron plated boots weightless, which of course; I'll do an example below.

    RP example of making a simple tool or item with said profession?:

    Almalexia Faergwethanir places the pair of metal boots smack-dab in the middle of the wooden table, being sure to get them perfectly straight and positioned

    Almalexia Faergwethanir takes a deep breathe, concentrating her sight directly at the metal boots. She begins to close her eyes and position her self perfectly in front of the item

    Almalexia Faergwethanir slowly raises her palms, and begins reciting several words under her breathe, opening her eyes slowly before speaking loud and clear

    Almalexia Faergwethanir Begins speaking the words necessary for this ritual, walking slowing up to the table as she raises her palms higher

    A small stream of blue energy emanates from her palms, circling around the metal boots and changing it's appearance briefly- making it reconstruct itself and forming whole again

    Almalexia Faergwethanir slowly pulls back her palms as the energy subsides, smirking with a shit-eating grin as if she had won something.

    The table begins creaking, letting out a "Skree" noise, before the table crumbles under the weight of the boots, smashing and breaking the stone floor beneath it

    Almalexia Faergwethanir lets out a yelp in surprise, falling on her posterior and looking up with disappointment as she bring herself to her feet "I suppose I need more practice.."

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    Re: Jos's Enchanter App

    Post by Trippy on Wed Aug 31, 2016 5:33 am

    Accepted, use the Enchanter section to post what you have made, including all the logs that lead to the creation. When you do this, try and have an admin present to watch over role play. As well as to see what sort of enchantments you receive.

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