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    Gar'Har the Orc

    Döner Meat

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    Gar'Har the Orc

    Post by Döner Meat on Mon Aug 29, 2016 2:32 pm

    (Character Name)
    Level 10
    (Character Image)

    Primary Stats

    Strength - 6/10 +3 = 9
    Perception - 1/10
    Endurance - 4/10 +3 = 7
    Charisma - 1/10
    Intelligence - 4/10
    Agility - 3/10
    Luck - 1/10
    Willpower - 4/10

    FATIGUE - (35)
    RECOVERY - (2)

    Gar'Har's Waraxe|Giving the wearer +3 Strenght|30AT Bound
    Gar'Har's Ear ring|Giving the wearer +3 Endurance| Bound
    Throwing Axe x5|When hit, makes the target unable to cast magicks unless removing the axe|7AT
    Gar'Har's thick skin|None| 6DT

    Orc Warboss|Giving allies +2 Will when he's around|Level 1
    Have my Axe!|Throws axes with extreme accuracy 5ftg|Level 2
    Axe me a question!|Can cleave through multiple targets and bash weapons away and even break then +3 Strenght 10Ftg|Level 3
    Disgusting Breath|His breath is so vile that it would make people with low endurance wretch, leaving them open 3-1Endurance|Level 4
    Smaaash!|Allows the wearer to smash through heavy and big objects with his waraxe or hands 5ftg|Level 5
    Taste my steel!|If hit by an enemy, allows the user to perform a low accuracy counter attack|level 6
    I won't stop until everyone's dead!|When activated, allows the character to go below his Fatigue treshhold for 4 turns, will not fall unconscious when killing atleast two beings during the 4 turns|Level 7
    Fine taste!|Makes the user hungry for flesh when wounded, eating the targets flesh would slowly regenerate his wound|Level 8
    Out of my way!|Allows the character to charge through the enemy lines and crush anyone thats in his way 5FTG|Level 9
    Vile blood|Drinking blood from the orc would cause great injuries|Level 10

    Ability name|What it does|Level

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