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    The Path of Heresy


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    The Path of Heresy

    Post by Madcombat on Sat Aug 27, 2016 2:50 pm

    The Path of Heresy

    The plague ends and the path of Heresy begins With the end of the plague, over hundreds of peasants within' the Karrack region would've died. The Eternal flame looses three Paladins in the small plague incursions as they defend their home. With the Eternal Flame withering down and the Lord Paladins return, the Paladin brings new titles with him granting two people land. Lord Captain Sindel has inherited political power over Karrack among Baroness Shalyn Soboek.

     Despite the rewards of land for the individuals service, he becomes dismayed at the lack of Faith the people of Karrack harbor for the Light. And as such, an letter is sent to the capital. When the King is met with a letter from the Lord Paladin of the eternal flame, a council is brought together for the matter of the letters details. Upon opening the letter, the king and everyone within' the chamber becomes greatly displeased with Karrack. Arguments break out in the chamber, calls for an inquisition are argued within' the throne room. Other calls involve the burning at the stake and execution of all heretics. The bickering lasts minutes before the king has enough and raises his hand "Enough." he calls "I shall decide what we will do with these... heretics." as the council quiets down. And declarations are written. A message is sent back to Karrack, one to each of the nobility warning them of the impending threat if they do not change the religious situation within' Karrack.

     A refresher for those who're not yet aware. Peasants have been randomly disappearing during the day and at night, entrances to demonic realms seem to have been becoming common place and very few ever return. Even the mind of one such Paladin "Rem" has lost their sanity after falling pray to the horrors of the demonic realms. What ever is going on in Karrack, demonic influence is growing rapidly and worship seems almost more so then the worship of the Light. When the letter is revealed it seems within' a week, an inquisitional force will be arriving to root out the heracy in Karrack and burn the light-less dogs in righteous purity.

     To the East, drums beat and fire raises. A great call to arms of all Orcs, trolls and Ogre's are heard as a demand reaches out for all true blooded beasts are to return East immediately to become conqueror. (I implore all Orcs, Trolls and Ogre's to seek out the White Tooth Clan as this is a massive event.)

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